In the past few days, we announced Infinity War in 4DX — so what better time to announce ScreenX’s new Aquaman, Shazam!, and The Nun announcement coming to ScreenX this year. Warner Bros., have confirmed these three titles to come to ScreenX within the next 12 months and two are still in pending to be released this year as well.

In 2017, two major Hollywood studios released under ScreenX: Black Panther (which we covered) and Rampage. Now having three more titles confirmed is huge for ScreenX. This means that ScreenX is being seen by more eyes that want their films in this format.

But, wait! There’s more good news — they have a four-screen expansion deal with B&B Theaters that they signed earlier this week. That is doubling their screens in the United States. And, one of those will be the largest screens in the world. That means 140+ screens worldwide and it’s growing even more so.

The Debut In 2018

Aside from Black Panther releasing in the past year and our coverage of 4DX as well, ScreenX’s most recent film was Rampage. The Rock’s Rampage was released earlier this month in the panoramic 27-degree, premium cinema format.

Since making its CinemaCon debut in 2015, ScreenX has been the world’s first multi-projection cinematic system that provides an immersive viewing experience. Just like the Black Panther film, this format is in 270-degree panoramic film-viewing experience. It has enhanced its international reach and successfully screening Hollywood blockbusters (the ones aforementioned) but, also, local films as well.

The Future Of The “Film Viewing Experience”

In the past year, they have seen a wave in the number of screen formats installed auditoriums. It has grown from 107 to 142. That is a 33% increase! Additional screens are expected to be equipped with unique technology. They will be across China, the United States, and Europe just the same in the coming year. That is expanding the current total screens by 25% by the end of 2018 alone.

This will also include the deal with B&B Theatres aforementioned. That will bring four new screen-locations to the United States through 2019. One in Liberty, MO — which will be the largest in the world. At CinemaCon, CJ 4DPLEX showcased a wide array of immersive cinema technologies.

They also showcased the future of cinema concepts that will positively impact the theatre from the lobby to the auditorium. That includes several virtual reality-based experiences and the United States debut of 4DX with ScreenX, In Roman Ballroom II, they are both available for demo. It combines the motion seats and environmental effects of 4DX with the panoramic screen of ScreenX. Incredibly cool!

About ScreenX & 4DX

If you want to know more about ScreenX and 4DX, you can check out the previous articles we have posted about both. They are truly breathtaking experiences to see films in and if you have a chance, check them out. In the California area, they have a few screenings in the Los Angeles area. Check out the one for Infinity War happening soon.