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Fight Club 3: Welcome Back Tyler Durden — er — Sebastian — er — Balthazar?


Since the outstanding release of Fight Club 2, fans have been waiting in anticipation for Fight Club 3. The thought in their mind was, “It’s never going to happen.” With a release such as Fight Club, it seemed like a one-time gig. Good things only happen once, right? After months of waiting for any sign, any at all, we officially got a release and an announcement for Fight Club 3. With Fight Club 3 out today, January 30th, 2019, Dark Horse gave the fans what they wanted: a continuation of one of the best comics we have had since it was released in 2016. With the release being three years ago, some may not remember what happened between Tyler and Sebastian.

The sequel to the film and book Fight Club is told by Sebastian and his subconscious Tyler Durden. (The same name as the narrator of the original series.) The meta-sequel follows Sebastian as he continues his dysfunctional relationship with his wife Marla and at times his son. Added to that Sebastian has fallen back into his routine, no Tyler, no-nonsense. That is until… he starts missing what once was and Tyler re-emerges to cause chaos.

The Past Presents The Future Or Vice Versa?

Throughout Fight Club 2, the two main components of the comic were the writing and the art. The art by Cameron Stewart was absolutely breathtaking; mix that with the colors of Dave Stewart and you could never go wrong. The art literally jumped off the page and panels onto the forefront of the page. It was marvelous. To have flower petals and pills on the surface of the page as if you could touch them? There’s not enough praise in the world for such beauty. However, with Chuck Palahniuk writing, it was a foreseeable win. The same writer who wrote the original novel is doing his own version of the comic ten years later? Nothing could go wrong because it is his story.

That brings us to Fight Club 3; a continuation of the story with David McCaig on colors. The rest of the team is the same as the previous run, so let’s see what Tyler has been up to…

1, 2, Fight Club 3

The narrative begins where the previous arc ended, and we get a continuation of what seems like a few months later. At the end of Fight Club 2, Marla was pregnant so we can assume — since in Fight Club 3 she is still pregnant — she must be about seven to eight months now? Tyler Durden, the father of Marla’s second child, is back and ready to fulfill his heir and the world.

With his second child on the way, Sebastian is still looking for a job or something to fulfill him. With a name change, Balthazar, a new face, and a beefed up resume, what could go wrong? That is until Tyler comes back. Will Balthazar have to forge an alliance with his subconscious to save the world?

Knock, Knock, It’s Tyler Durden

Fight Club 3 is a comic that could be complex without context, it is a narrative that is meant to be read in its universality. If you haven’t touched Fight Club 2, this first issue could be confusing because you have to understand what happened in the previous ten issues. However, you don’t have to read or watch the original Fight Club (but, you should anyway).

Throughout the narrative, there is an unnamed unreliable narrator aside from Tyler and Balthazar. You would think it was Tyler, but he’s busy doing other things. The context to this comic with the first arc — and re-reading it if you haven’t in a while — is preferred. We own the graphic novel, so we have read it many times over!

The Art

Fight Club 3 sticks to its original art style, which we loved. The concept of throwing things on the surface for the reader is marvelous. Not only throwing them on the surface of the entire panel but moving them over certain words, certain faces, certain things that you want to stay ominous is excellent. Cameron Stewart has fulfilled the epitome of art with Fight Club. I have not seen art, coloring (Dave McCaig), or lettering (Nate Piekos for Blambot®) in this style before, personally. My first encounter was in this comic series, there are so many hidden gems in this series.

The flies crawling on each page above the surface, it is all there for a reason. Pay attention to the front page of the newspaper, it all connects. The writing, in the same regard, is spectacular. What makes it spectacular is the notion of Palahniuk writing this continuation in a way that you can read it without having read the original novel. It is not so far-fetched that you have to read the original for context, the narrative is explained and in a way its own thing.

The Writing

Since it has been ten years since the original story, any fan can jump right on in. Since Palahniuk, however, is a real-life writer, the writing was obviously going to be high. It was the art that was going to have trouble following suit, but Palahniuk and Stewart worked superbly together. Both mediums follow each other miraculously in Fight Club 3. The narrative of the series is one that can’t be explained without being utterly confusing (in a good way).

Explaining what Fight Club is would take a vigorous three days with no definite answers. For example, Tyler Durden is the subconscious of Sebastian, right? Well, one can say that Tyler is a form of Sebastian’s multiple personality disorder. Another could say that Tyler is what Sebastian has always yearned to be. Another could say… you the idea. It is a narrative that is meant to be shaped differently by the person reading it. At least that is what we get from it. We could be wrong.

What we do know is Fight Club 3 is a definite read. It continues right where it left off, and we couldn’t be happier that it is back. With the series being ten to twelve issues total, we are in for a fun, fun ride. Welcome back Tyler, we missed you.

Fight Club 3 (@cameronMstewart, @DaveMcCaig, @blambot, @chuckpalahniuk, @DarkHorseComics) is officially back with a new twelve issue series. We have Tyler, Sebastian, and Balthazar...? Wonder what could happen next?

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