Festival the Show Web Series Is Pure Funtastic!

<em>Festival the Show</em> Web Series Is Pure Funtastic! 3

Festival the Show is part web series, part sketch comedy series which equals pure hilariousness. You will thanks us later, trust me — we say that often, but we mean it every time. This show is, and listen closely, a live touring show that satirizes, entertains, & educates the festival inclined.

“I laughed so hard I almost peed my pants. You all are incredible. This show is hilarious”

The live show contains catchy original show tunes (which who doesn’t love?), elaborate costumes, fantastic props, and circus acts. Festival the Show is not just about the fun and comedy, it delves deeper into the nuances of the festival, new age, alternative culture that is around.

Are you thanking us yet?

Festival the Show takes us through the depths of spiritual awakenings, awkward interactions in the sauna (you will find out later), and everything else about a festival.

You never knew you needed this until you read this article about it. FlopHaus Productions created this masterpiece of a show called, “Festival the Show” and laughter is what they intended and laughter is what you’ll get.

Where you can find them!

FB: @flophaus
IG: @flophauspro

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