Feel The Wrath Of Hell In Lucifer #13

Lucifer #13 (DC Entertainment)

We have reached lucky #13 in Lucifer and everything has reached a boiling point. In the previous issue, we saw Mazikeen murder the Angel Raguel, essentially declaring war on the heavens. With seemingly every angel coming down after Lucifer, he must find a way to stop not only them but stop his son Caliban from dying and time is running out. Dan Watters has shown superstar like writing skills in the first twelve issues of his run, and he uses Lucifer #13 to show the true power of Satan. Humans are storytelling creatures.

Lucifer #13, Page #1: Lucifer and Sycorax stand over the body of Raguel.
Lucifer #13 (DC Entertainment)

People have been telling stories for centuries dating back to early cave drawings. The job of pairing drawings with words and creating something pleasurable to read is not easy. Yet while Watters and artist Max Fiumara work so fluidly together, sometimes you forget just how difficult it is.

The Power Of Satan

With all of the Angels of Heaven arriving to retrieve Raguel and stop Lucifer, there seems to be little hope for the Devil. Angel Remiel, who is now the Lord of Hell, arrives to remind Lucifer that he is alone. Remiel questions why Lucifer would declare war when he is alone with no army.

Lucifer #13, Page #6: Lucifer speaks to Ramiel
Lucifer #13 (DC Entertainment)

This is when Dan Watters works his magic with a phenomenal few pages of Lucifer reminding everyone who he is and how powerful he is. Lucifer explains his recent travels to different underworlds, and how they thought Lucifer had lost his way as much as Remiel did. This is when Lucifer simply states, “So I reminded them who I am.” Fiumara displays a beautiful sequence of panels from all the different underworlds Lucifer has traveled to. Each of those panels shows different people preparing to come to the aid of Lucifer.

Name Your Terms

With the sudden army and amount of power being displayed by Lucifer, Ramiel asks the Devil what he wants in order to keep his troops away. Lucifer asks for his son Caliban to be saved by bringing him to the Silver City and making him an Angel, and to remove the three-day-limit that has been cast on Sycorax. The last few pages throw you for a curve and things do not turn out quite the way they seemed they would.

Lucifer #13 is another masterpiece by Dan Watters and the crew and provides a great finale to their first storyline while planting the seeds for more great adventures. Questions about every character are left unanswered and make you crave the next issue the second you put the last one down. The end of Lucifer #13 provides more questions as to what the future holds, and how Lucifer will respond to the recent events.

The Art Team Of Lucifer #13

Dan Watters’ writing is superb, but it would be of no use without the tremendous art team around him. Fiumara and Dave McCaig on colors have been a great team for the book and DC.

Lucifer #13, Page #3: Lucifer confronts the Angels
Lucifer #13 (DC Entertainment)

The vast array of scenery used by the team, especially when going underworld-to-underworld in corresponding panels, is impressive. The amount of detail creates a blend of horror and beauty, a great attribute when dealing with Hell and Heaven. The art alone is a reason to continue reading the future issues of this series.

What Does Lucifer #13 Bring?

Lufcier #13 is another success for Dan Watters and the team. Issue after issue, this creative team has delivered an intriguing book. The team does the job of making you want to go out and read the next issue. The series provides a dark universe and is a refreshing step away from superhero books. I highly recommend picking up Lucifer for a try.

I have been enjoying most of the Sandman Universe titles Vertigo is putting out, but Lucifer is far the best. Fans of horror, mythology, or religion will find this book enjoyable. Lucifer #13 put an end to the first storyline of Dan Watters’ run. However, many more adventures lie ahead for our favorite Devil and I can’t wait to read them.

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