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As we mentioned in our Twitter account, it wasn’t possible to post our usual Fanfic Friday recs last Friday due to Internet connection issues. Everything has been solved now and we are back on track! Today is going to be our last fan rec for AU August (or AUgust, goddammit why didn’t I come up with this before?). We have done Harry Potter and Merlin, today we are adding the monthly anime touch with one of the most popular animes at the moment: Tokyo Ghoul!

Since September is the month in which many people go back to school, we will dedicate the first month of fall to middle school/high school/college AUs! Feel free to start sending us your requests asap!

But, for now, enjoy these 10 awesome Tokyo Ghoul AUs!


By: Aeliia
Summary: Panic. That was the feeling that consumed Hide’s mind while being held captive in a room for days. But being held against his will isn’t his only problem; there’s something different about his body, and he doesn’t know what. After escaping and being reunited with his best friend after months of separation, he soon finds out what has changed. Now, Hide must adapt to this new lifestyle—or die trying. / In which Hide is a ghoul, Kaneki worries, and the world as they know it is turned upside down.
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences – M/M, Angst, Fluff
Words: 85,939

Deep Blue

By: attackonhunter
Summary: Hide was always fascinated with mermaids, though he never met one himself. From what he knew, they were horrendous, terrifying, man-eating monsters. So then what happens when he meets a certain dark haired ‘monster’? Will a friendship develop, or perhaps, something more?
Rating: Explicit – M/M, Fluff, Smut, Violence, Torture
Words: 64,323

Liquid Courage

By: SeventhStrife
Summary: Kaneki fully planned on being a wallflower when his friends dragged him out. Unfortunately for him, a stranger at the club isn’t going to give him the chance. HideKane.
Rating: Mature – M/M, Alcohol, Smut
Words: 9,468


By: lellyphant
Summary: AU where Kaneki is a trans girl.
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences – F/F, Torture, Implied Sexual Content
Words: 17,790

i’m glad i didn’t die before i met you

By: antleers
Summary: But there are times when he’ll come into the shop on Tuesdays at half past five in the afternoon, and he’ll see Hide with an open book on his face (a detective novel on most days, an issue of Shounen Jump on others), snoring away at the front desk, orange headphones fitted snugly over his ears. It’s a hard pang that hits his chest, painful and nostalgic, like this is a scene he’s come across countless times before, a long time ago, in a past life maybe. But then he remembers the Quinx, Arima-san, his place in the CCG–and he puts that feeling away, contending himself with the latest Takatsuki novel to pass the time until Hide wakes up. / Or: Haise frequents a bookstore maybe for the books, mostly for the cute blonde shopkeeper.
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences – M/M
Words: 4,022

unnamed hidekane thing

By: gatorghost
Summary: “got a crush on my hairdresser and now my hair is rapidly getting rlly short” AU
Rating: General Audiences – Fluff
Words: 2,492


By: vectacular
Summary: Okay, it’s simple. You interrupt the cute black-haired boy reading on the table, and ask him nicely if you can take pictures of him.
Rating: General Audiences – M/M, First Meetings
Words: 862

Baby, It’s Cold Outside

By: Fweeble
Summary: There is no other word for the scene now, he thinks, frozen as he stares at disbelief at his front door, pried open with drunken finesse, blood staining his mouth, with a lapful of warm, nuzzling human.
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences – M/M, Fluff
Words: 2,431


By: UnusuallyNormal
Summary: Kaneki’s whole body goes warm. He can smell Hide’s scent, warm and rich and compelling, watch the dilation of his pupils in deep brown irises, see the lightness of the ends of his short hair, brittle from bleach. Hide is just a bit taller than he is. He really does have a very nice face – Kaneki had noticed when he came in, but now he notices all over again. / Or “How Kaneki Ken wanted to go to the convenience store, but got laid instead.”
Rating: Explicit – M/M, Humor, Smut
Words: 10,318

you came along and you cut me loose

By: evanescent
Summary: Hide smells of two or three days sweat, Italian coffee and fish with chips from some fast food bar, with a faint scent of vanilla to all of that. Back in time, Kaneki used to associate home with the scent of his father’s old books and his mother’s home-made hamburgers. It’s a safe world that no longer exists, he knows that. But he also knows that home isn’t really a place, either. (Hide is here, and he smells like home.)
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences – M/M
Words: 4,792

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