Fanfic Friday: The Walking Dead’s Caryl


Hello fanfic readers!

We weren’t quite sure about what fandom to pick for this week’s Fanfic Friday but we finally went with The Walking Dead and its most popular couple: Caryl (Daryl/Carol). Enjoy these awesome fanfics we’ve chosen and enjoy your weekend!

  • A Delicate Balance

    By: Little Cinch
    Summary: Series of snapshots exploring the early relationship between Carol and Daryl.

    Rating: Fiction M – Drama, Angst
    Words: 24,400

  • Chirp

    By: The Readers Muse
    Summary: Everyone was giving the barn a wide berth, even after the last graves had been dug and the lingering fumes from the fire had long since aired out into the quiet country air. It was more a feeling than anything else, a reminder that a line had been crossed. Perhaps even on both sides.

    Rating: Fiction M – Drama, Romance
    Words: 13,562

  • Animals

    By: CarolPeletier
    Summary: Daryl finds himself being pursued in the woods outside the prison. Only, this time, getting caught might not be the worst thing in the world. Rated E for explicit smut!

    Rating: Explicit – F/M, Smut, Season 3, Season 4
    Words: 2,480

  • Blind Faith

    By: CarolPeletier
    Summary: Carol Peletier and her daughter Sophia are trying to survive when the world begins to change and the dead are attacking the living. She finds herself without gas and stranded when a stranger offersher and her daughter an escape.

    Rating: Mature – F/M, Angst, Drama, Romance
    Words: 73,467

  • Contrapposto

    By: darylsdiva1
    Summary: Carol Peletier returns to college after her divorce and meets an intriguing man in one of her art classes. AU Caryl.

    Rating: Fiction M – Romance, Drama, AU.
    Words: 67,987

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