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Today we start a new month edition. Just like we announced last week, March is going to be dedicated to a genre everyone loves: fluff! This first week is dedicated to the new couple on The Walking Dead, Richonne (Rick/Michonne).

Make sure to send us your suggestions for the next weeks! We can already anticipate that one of them will be about Supernatural, so you can already start sending us your favourite fluff SPN fics!

Grimes Family 2.0 Meeting + Jesus

By: Jhmc
Summary: Spoilers for season 6, episodes 10 and 11. So here’s a short little funny oneshot of the morning after, with Rick “trying” to explain Richonne to Carl. 
Rating: General Audiences – Fluff, Family, Funny, 
Words: 859

My Funny Valentine

By: cakeby_thepound
SummaryThe group has arrived at Alexandria, and Rick is acting… strangely, to say the least. Michonne thinks she can reel him in, but even she finds herself second-guessing the man she thought she knew. (Richonne. Timeframe: Mid S5, with flashbacks.)
Rating: Explicit – Flashback, Friendship, Friends to Lovers, Fluff, Smut, Explicit Sexual Content, Post-Canon
Words: 54,082


By: cakeby_thepound
SummaryA stranger on a surfboard catches Michonne’s eye, and she’s not shy about letting him know.
Rating: Mature – AU-Modern Setting, One Shot, Mild Sexual Content, Fluff
Words: 3,707

Family Portraits

By: logicaltribbles
Summary: Michonne finds an old polaroid, fluff ensues.
Rating: General Audiences – Fluff, Family
Words: 1,867

Flowers for the Living

By: Taste_of_Suburbia
Summary: Michonne stops to smell the flowers and realizes that she has a family.
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences – Family, Romance, Friendship, Fluff, Friends to Lovers, Hugs
Words: 1,220

The First to Fall

By: theunapologeticnarrative
SummaryA competitive game of Hot Lava gets a little hotter than anticipated.
Rating: Not Rated – Gen – Fluff, Family
Words: 1,428


By: cakeby_thepound
Summary: She doesn’t typically look for solace in anyone but herself, but after an enlightening road from Terminus, she realizes she just might have found it in him.
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences – Fluff
Words: 14,182

We’ll Find a Way (Together)

By: calikitten
Summary: After the town meeting, Michonne takes her katana off the wall, as Rick appears, and the two have a much needed discussion about recent events and inevitably, what they mean to each other.
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences – Feelings, Talking, Fluff and Angst, Emotional Hurt/Comfort
Words: 1,785


By: Siancore
Summary: Set in the prison era; Rick has a secret he doesn’t want anyone to find out.
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences – Fluff
Words: 2,755

That’s Amore

By: ColtAndKatana
Summary: Rick and Michonne attempt to make pizza for Carl’s birthday.
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences – Fluff
Words: 654

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