FANFIC FRIDAY: The Walking Dead Crack Recs


Hello, fanfic readers!

The Walking Dead‘s Season 6 might be over, but you guys are still passionate enough to choose the popular zombie show for this week’s Crack Fanfic Friday in our Twitter poll. After all, we can all use a laugh after that cliffhanger! Enjoy these 10 The Walking Dead crack recs!

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He Doesn’t Look Asleep

By: frickityfrackity
Summary: During a roadtrip, Jesus’s head suddenly finds its way onto Daryl’s shoulder. Again.
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences – M/M, F/M – Humor, Road Trips
Words: 872

adventures in babysitting

By: wellthatdepends
Summary: “You want me to spy on your babysitter?” [babysitter!AU / bethyl smut week]
Rating: Fiction M – Romance/Humor
Words: 4,441

Of Grown Men and Cream Filled Cakes

By: love_in_the_stars
SummaryDuring a supply run at a convenience store, Rick and Daryl find a pair of survivors apparently searching for Twinkies. What follows is more than a little surreal.
Rating: Mature – M/M – Crack
Words: 1,557

Merle’s Game

By: anemic_cinema
SummaryMerle knows that Daryl is with Glenn. While he accepts that (to a degree), he decides to have a little fun with it by cock-blocking them at every opportunity.
Rating: Explicit – M/M – Smut, Crack, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Dry Humping, Humor, Loud Sex, Reference to Merle’s STDs
Words: 3,218

Curiosity Killed the Hunt

By: Shipperwolf
SummaryIn which Rick can’t keep his mischievous curiosity in check, and Daryl can’t keep his balance. Pre-S3 Crack!ficlet, Rickyl/Caryl.
Rating: Fiction K+ – Friendship/Humor
Words: 1,210


By: Zane Z Garrett
SummaryThe show never gave us an explanation as to why Daryl has suddenly gone from sandy-blond to dark-brown. So, there seems to be two logical options. Either he used to dye his hair blond before the apocalypse, or he started dying it brown after.
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences – M/M – Humour, Crack
Words: 855

It’s Tricky

By: freewood
SummaryDaryl and Rick go our for a run to get supplies but then things start to get tricky.
Rating: General Audiences – M/M, Gen – AU-Crack, Song Parody, Humor
Words: 456

You Give Me Fever

By: MyImmortal329
SummaryRick and Michonne’s amorous coupling is keeping Daryl and Carol awake at night. Rated M for sexual content.
Rating: Fiction M – Romance/Humor
Words: 12,991

After the Office Party Closet-Romp

By: the ramblin rose
Summary: Caryl, AU. When an over-worked person goes to an office party, sometimes things could get out of hand. Things that had to be dealt with later.
Rating: Fiction M – Humor
Words: 2,327

Say the Word

By: Abelina
SummaryDaryl, Beth, a cold night in a warm barn, and a game of words that gets out of hand. Canon-divergent after alone. 
Rating: Fiction M – Humor
Words: 2,115

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