Merry Christmas, fanfic readers!

We hope you have a lovely Christmas, no matter where you are or how you plan to celebrate this day. And if you feel like spending some time of this joyful day reading fanfiction, we’ve got you covered!

You can heal from the angst of Mockingjay Part 2 by reading these 10 fluffy The Hunger Games Christmas recs. We have you enjoy them and have a wonderful winter holidays!

See you in 2016!

Christmas in District 12

By: sydthekidhollis
Summary: Post-Mockingjay. Katniss and Peeta’s first Christmas together. Will Peeta’s gift to Katniss change her life?
Rating: Fiction K+ – Romance/Friendship
Words: 4,211

Our First Christmas Tree

By: PeetasAndHerondales
Summary: Modern day AU. Katniss and Peeta buy their first Christmas tree after moving in together. They soon discover that this can turn out to be more difficult than they thought it would…
Rating: Explicit – F/M, Smut, Humor
Words: 4,322

Last Christmas I Gave You My Heart

By: Juliet’s Shadow
Summary: When Annie came home from college after an unremarkable semester, she didn’t expect to meet Finnick Odair. She couldn’t imagine the way being with him that Christmas Season would change her life forever. Modern Day.
Rating: Fiction T – Romance/Hurt/Comfort
Words: 11,705

Under the Clock

By: deathmallow
Summary: A few brief moments and a few words exchanged can be enough to make a lasting impression. But sometimes a lot more can be said on paper, and second impressions and second chances are worth the time they take. (Historical 1930’s AU)
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences – Gen, F/M, Historical
Words: 3,833

A Very Hayffie Christmas

By: DharmaMotorPool
Summary: Effie surprises the three victors of District 12 with a Christmas visit. Suddenly, they all begin to feel more at home than they have in years. Post-Mockingjay.
Rating: Fiction K+ – Romance/Family
Words: 3,661

Wishing On A Golden Star

By: EllanaSan
Summary: Six Christmases in Effie Trinket’s life.
Rating: Mature – F/M
Words: 11,671

Baby, now you do

By: WildImaginings
Summary: Effie and Haymitch are neighbours. And not the friendly ‘hey can I borrow a cup of sugar’ kind. A power cut, a storm and a locked door force them to *ahem* work out their feelings.
Rating: Mature – F/M, Romance, Tropes
Words: 8,072

24 Days of Hayffie

By: CharmStone127
Summary: 25 days, 25 short chapters about Effie’s first Christmas in District 12.
Rating: General Audiences – F/M, Christmas Fluff
Words: 11,047

The Christmas Play

By: iLoVeRynMar
Summary: Written for the Tumblr ‘Prompts in Panem’ 7 Day Challenge: Holidays. Katniss helps to put on the annual Christmas play for the church at the request of her father, Reverend Everdeen. Then she meets Peeta Mellark who makes her reconsider her stance on sinning.
Rating: Fiction M – Romance
Words: 9,396

A Christmas by the lake

By: AlwaysEverlark
Summary: Katniss and Peeta spent a different and incredible Christmas Eve by the lake. AU modern day.
Rating: Fiction T – Romance/Hurt/Comfort
Words: 1,936

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