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FANFIC FRIDAY: 10 The 100 Romance Fic Recs

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Hello, fanfic readers!

February is known to many as the month of romance, and isn’t romance one of the main reasons why people read fanfiction in the first place? Coincidentally, The 100 also returned this week, so here are 10 The 100 romance fic recs featuring Clexa, Bellarke, and more!

Come Live In My Heart And Pay No Rent

By: Mags214
Summary: Finn and Clarke have been living together for two months, until one day, Clarke’s life would change forever when Lexa moves in as a roomer.
Pairing: Clarke/Lexa
Rating: Mature – F/F, F/M – AU-Modern Setting, Fluff, Romance, Love Triangle, Falling in Love, Angst, Drama & Romance
Words: 23,715

Four Seasons, One Love

By: Nordyr
Summary: Four seasons of Clarke and Lexa cuteness.
Pairing: Clarke/Lexa
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences – F/F – AU-Modern Setting, Fluff, Romance
Words: 3,191

Afternoon Delight

By: CandleWickBurning1
Summary: How do you spend your lazy Autumn afternoons??? With the one you love…that is how.
Pairing: Clarke/Lexa
Rating: Mature – F/F – AU-Modern Setting, Romance, Smut, Lesbian Sex
Words: 1,930


By: sadworries
Summary: Bellamy and Clarke (post 4×01) searching for the rover. They stop and Clarke is tired of dancing around the freckled boy.
Pairing: Bellamy/Clarke
Rating: Explicit – F/M
Words: 906

the sun is gonna shine above

By: lost_n_stereo
Summary: Clarke tells Bellamy she’s pregnant.
Pairing: Clarke/Bellamy
Rating: General Audiences – F/M – Baby Fic, Canon AU
Words: 867

internet friends are people too

By: jennycaakes
Summary: Clarke and Bellamy have been internet friends for years. They just don’t know it. Or: Clarke and Bellamy are friends on Tumblr but not friends in real life.
Pairing: Bellamy/Clarke
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences – F/M – Internet, AU-College/University, AU-Modern Setting
Words: 6,108


By: ThisIsMyVoice
Pairing: Octavia/Lincoln
Rating: Mature – F/M – Romance, Hurt/Comfort, Sparring, Forbidden Love
Words: 12,724

Tell Tale Hearts

By: DesertEagle
Summary: Bellamy and Raven being “a thing” encourages a lot of strong emotions from everyone. Not all of them are positive.
Pairing: Bellamy/Raven, Finn/Raven, Jasper/Raven, Octavia/Lincoln
Rating: General Audiences – F/M – POV, Romance, Angst, Humor
Words: 1,552

Wrapped in the Warmth of You (Loving Every Breath of You)

By: CaroltheQueen
Summary: Beyond this dimly lit room, Polis is quiet; a city struck by devastation, now, like him, too tired and broken to do anything but take stock of it’s wounds in silence… He’s so lost in thought that he doesn’t hear her enter, nor approach the tub, until she kneels down next to his head, and reaches out to brush the scruff of his cheek. Based on THAT Kabby clip in the season 4 trailer, and fandom speculation about where it could be taking place. Suspend disbelief as to how they got from the throne room to here.
Pairing: Abby/Marcus
Rating: Explicit – F/M – Romance, Smut, Angst, Speculation, Season 4, Bathtub Sex
Words: 2,195

The One Where Everyone Finds Out

By: CeceVolume
Summary: It’s hard to keep things from your friends. Even harder when your relationship with them is so co-dependent.
Pairing: Bellamy/Clarke, Raven/Kyle, Monty/Nathan, Jasper/Maya, Octavia/Lincoln
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences – F/M, M/M – Friends AU, Social Media AU, Romance, Friendship, Humor
Words: 3,728

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