Fanfic Friday: ‘Teen Wolf’


Hello fanfic readers!

Welcome to the weekly Fanfic Friday! First of all, we’d like to thank everyone who voted in last week’s poll and gave us some ideas for the next few weeks of Fanfic Friday. Today’s fandom is gonna one of the most voted: Teen Wolf, which will also serve to celebrate that we got a Teen Wolf reviewer, woohoo!

Without further ado, we hope you enjoy these 5 fics we’ve chosen for this week. Have a great weekend!

  •  The Orphaned Clones (crossover with Orphan Black)

    By: thelionmutters
    Stiles has had a rough life since his father died. Drifting along wherever the wind takes him. When he gets a chance to visit Scott, someone he hadn’t seen in years he takes a train to go see him and his wife Allison. Only things don’t go as expected when Stiles has a collision with a stranger who looks identical to him…and Stiles knew for certain that he was an only child: “How do we look alike?” he fumbled. “There’s no time to explain,” the stranger fumbled urgently. “Everything that you need to know is in this bag; I’m running out of time. They are going to kill me. It was stupid of me to go into the building. Just take this bag and come with me; if they see you they are going to kill you as well!” -A Teen Wolf fic set in the Orphan Black universe. Don’t need to be a Orphan Black fan to get the gist of it.

    Rating: Mature – F/M, M/M, AU, Thriller, Drama, Romance
    Words: 73,009

  •  Bait

    By: Corpium
    Summary: Derek sighs, Peter creeps, Lydia analyzes, Scott is… Scott, and Stiles wishes everyone would stop talking. Because discussing his virginity? Not cool.

    Rating: General Audiences – Gen, Humor
    Words: 769

  • Once in A Blue Moon

    By: Sage Londyn
    Summary: After losing her mother to an animal attack, Teagan and her father move back to Beacon Hills, where she is reunited with her best friend Avery. Follow the two girls as they are pulled in to the supernatural world. Friendships will be tested. Relationships will begin and end. Can they survive their sophomore year and werewolves? Covers Seasons 1&2

    Rating: Fiction T – Romance, Adventure
    Words: 292,770

  • Civitatem sanguinum

    By: InsensitiveWench 
    Summary: Sheriff Stilinski decides to become a foster parent for a trouble teenager Conner Ramirez, an orphan who comes with a lot of baggage and dark past. Stiles doesn’t trust the boy and notices the strange things that are happening around him. Also, Stiles has been experiencing strange abilities soon after, what does this mean? Non human Stiles. May Contain slash.

    Rating: Fiction T – Supernatural, Romance
    Words: 16,377

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