Teen Titans School AUs

FANFIC FRIDAY: Teen Titans School AUs

Hello, fanfic readers!

Today is the first time in FANFIC FRIDAY that we’re including a (non-anime) animated TV series! We asked you to choose between Steven Universe, Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir and Teen Titans Go! and you chose the latter. Unfortunately, there are very few Teen Titans Go! school AUs, so we had to go with Teen Titans instead. So with all that said, enjoy these 10 Teen Titans school AUs!

Awkward (crossover with Young Justice)

By: wallywesticle 
Summary: He stared at him every single day of his life. He was perfect, happy, friendly, and not at all like Tim. Tim didn’t stand a chance with a guy like that. Captains of the Debate Team didn’t talk to quarterbacks. No, that’d just be awkward.
Rating: General Audiences – M/M – AU-Normal High School
Words: 1,666

Les Miserables

By: maddog13
Summary: Garfield Logan can’t shut up. Victor Stone is too nice to people. Kori Anders is clueless and insecure. Richard Grayson needs an attitude adjustment. Rachel Roth doesn’t have friends and doesn’t seem to care. Jinx started this whole mess. Now six people who have nothing in common are stuck in detention for two weeks. Let the nightmare begin.
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences – F/M – AU-Normal High School, AU-No Powers, Romance, Friendship, Action/Adventure
Words: 100,409


By: Sylv
Summary: Wally was an awkward kid, there was no doubt about it.
Rating: General Audiences – F/M – AU-High School
Words: 1,014


By: LordBeelzebub
Summary: Where Elliot learns that great things can come in bitchy packages.
Rating: Mature – M/F, Multi – Romance, Shameless Smut, Humour, Suspense, AU-High School
Words: 9,811

When We Were Young

By: cartoonstar
Summary: Prequel to Sick Cycle Carousel. The kids of Jump City are now freshman in high school. They soon learn that high school is a completely different experience than they thought it would be.
Rating: Fiction T – Friendship/Romance
Words: 64,385

Sick Cycle Carousel

By: cartoonstar
Summary: Their first year of high school was great, and they can’t wait to start the new year. The kids of Jump City are going to learn high school isn’t always easy. Can they deal with it?
Rating: Fiction T – Drama/Romance
Words: 239,827

Teen Titans in College

By: Ego916
Summary: Raven comes to Jump City to start a new life, but who will she meet and how will it change her life? Lots of different scenarios develop up around her, will she be able to handle it all in a world that moves as fast as college?
Rating: Fiction T – Romance/Drama
Words: 13,497

X High School

By: Green Gallant
Summary: Rich Grayson is a motocross racer, with his friends Gar, Tara, Kori, Raven, Vic and Slade they attend the world’s most extreme high school. But now there lives are about to change as a new evil threatens our world. Now the real fun begins. RxK, GxT, SxR
Rating: Fiction T – Adventure/Romance
Words: 176,416

The High School Titans

By: Sirius Blaak
Summary: This story is about the Titans as regular high school kids. This is the story of how they all meet and become best friends. Pairings used: BBRae, RobStar, CyBee, AquaJinx PS.
Rating: Fiction T – Romance
Words: 35,429

Normal High School Life

By: Koriand’r Grayson
Summary: The Titans are normal and going to Jump City High. During their last year, there’s gonna be heart breaks, love triangles, twists, tears, surprises, a heart breaking accident, and more. RobxStar BBxRae CyxBee KFxJinx. Slightly OOC.
Rating: Fiction T – Romance/Humor
Words: 23,676

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