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Today marks the last day of Slash June! We asked you on Twitter and you chose Supernatural for this last round, so here’s 10 Supernatural slash recs featuring Destiel, Wincest, Sabriel and more!

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Convenient Husbands

By: Annie D
Summary: “It’s only temporary, right?” Dean says. “Just until you’re healed up, and then we’ll never have to see each other again. So what do you say, Castiel, do you want to marry me or not?”
Pairing(s): Castiel/Dean
Rating: Explicit – AU, Friendship, Marriage of Convenience, Soul Bond, First Time, Romantic Comedy, Fluff, Bickering, Flirting, creature!Castiel, hunter!Dean

When Charlie Met Cas

By: riseofthefallenone
Summary: Charlie is back in all her glory. The Winchesters have showed up on her doorstep and she’s making the best of it the only way she knows how. By being the little sister Dean never wanted and shipping the shit out of Destiel.
Pairing(s): Castiel/Dean
Rating: Mature – Fluff, adorableness, Destiel-freeform, Some swearing, Winchester angst, Humor, First Time, Frottage, Blowjobs, Resolved Sexual Tension
Words: 24,666

Slow Burn

By: entanglednow
Summary: In which Lucifer misbehaves and Sam doesn’t mind.
Pairing(s): Sam/Lucifer
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences
Words: 844

Painted Angels

By: WinJennster
Summary: Author Castiel Novak has finally hit the big time, with a book based on his failed college relationship with a brilliant painter. He’s put all his pain behind him, but at a book signing, he comes face to face with Dean Winchester for the first time in twelve years, and the reunion doesn’t go like Cas hoped. Dean’s a broken man, with a lot of scars and secrets, shoulders weighed down by his demons and self loathing. Cas sees a second chance with the man he’s never stopped loving, but Dean’s moved on, and is about to get married. Sam launches a “brilliant” plan to reunite his brother and his best friend, but Cas is worried it will all blow up in their faces, and he’ll go through the agony of losing Dean a second time.
Pairing(s): Castiel/Dean, Anna/Dean, Ellen/Bobby, Sarah/Sam, Gabriel/Sam
Rating: Explicit – Homophobia, Child Abuse, Alcohol Abuse, Violence, Switching, Past Infidelity, Artist!Dean, Author!Castiel, Gay Panic, Suicide Attempt
Words: 3,332

Important Angel Business

By: entanglednow
Summary: Sam has no idea how Gabriel got his number.
Pairing(s): Sam/Gabriel
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences – Texting
Words: 3,332

Black Swans

By: omphalos, Wolfling
Summary: A post-apocalyptic road trip with a still recovering archangel wasn’t how Sam had envisioned the aftermath of their big plan, but it sure beat a lot of the alternatives.
Pairing(s): Lucifer/Sam (Implied Dean/Castiel)
Rating: Explicit – Post-Apocalypse, Road Trip, Blasphemy
Words: 66,404

Sinew & Sin

By: maydei
Summary: Some call him Gadreel. Lucifer calls him dead meat.
Pairing(s): Lucifer/Sam (Implied Dean/Castiel)
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences – Gen – Possessive & Protective Lucifer, Hurt Sam, Heaven, Possessed Sam
Words: 1,680

Tell Me You Didn’t

Summary: He knew he’d have to tell Sam what happened eventually…he just thought he’d be able to hold out longer.
Pairing(s): Dean/Sam
Rating: Not Rated – Episode Tag, 11×17
Words: 714

Mornings After

By: Pure_Fury
Summary: Hunter Dean first meets Sam, a lawyer, after a one night stand. It unexpectedly develops into something more.
Pairing(s): Dean/Sam
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences – AU-Not brothers, lawyer!Sam, hunter!Dean, One Night Stand
Words: 5,612

A Room of One’s Own

By: NorthernSparrow
SummaryAll Dean wants is a little privacy. Cas doesn’t understand.
Pairing(s): Castiel/Dean
Rating: Explicit – Masturbation, Porn Watching, Anal Play, Shameless Smut, Humor, Bunker, Frottage, Wing King, Fluff and Smut, Porn With Feelings
Words: 94,113

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