FANFIC FRIDAY: Supernatural Horror Recs

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Welcome to Horror October! This week we are celebrating the return of Supernatural, a show that was truly scary in its beginnings. The Supernatural fandom is also one of the most creative fandoms when it comes to fanfiction so it was only natural that we would dedicate one of this month’s FF editions to the Winchester brothers and the trenchcoated angel.

We hope you enjoy these 10 Supernatural horror fanfic recs. Beware, some of these could actually keep you up at night!

Last One Out Hits the Lights

By: entanglednow
Summary: After they stop a plot to tear open a hole straight to hell, the Winchesters face more trouble when zombies start rising from their graves across the country. Bobby calls all hands on deck and Sam and Dean, along with an angel, a mess of out-numbered hunters, and a very reluctant prophet of the Lord, have to try and save the world. Or go down in flames with it.
Rating: Explicit – M/M, Action, Adventure, Zombies, Apocalypse
Words: 37,680

The Inexhaustible Silence of Houses

By: Askance
Summary: Almost two years after the world doesn’t end, Castiel falls from grace—and loses his voice in the process. It is the impetus for confession and change; before long, he is settling into a loving relationship with Dean, the Winchesters are tired, and hunting for a place to land has taken precedence to hunting anything else. Dean and Castiel fall in love with the strange little house on the end of Swallowtail Drive, and for a little while life is as it should be—sweet, affectionate, and beginning afresh. But more and more Castiel sees and hears things in the house that beg the question of whether or not a place itself can be alive.
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences – Major Character Death, Horror, Psychological Trauma, Angst
Words: 31,820


By: Anythingtoasted
Summary: “After the apocalypse, Dean, Sam and Castiel settle into a gentler life, and Dean starts to make peace with the things that plagued him before 2009. Tentatively, carefully, he starts getting better.
But something lives in the woods, in the house; something calls to him in his dreams that crosses the lines between waking and sleep. Whilst trying to reconcile himself with himself, Dean finds himself wondering if the things he’s managed to build are really slipping away, or if the whole thing is just in his head.”
Rating: Explicit – M/M, AU, Gore, Body Horror
Words: 38,686

On My Own

By: Sammysmissingshoe
Summary: Sam’s at Stanford. He’s not hunting anymore, he has a girlfriend, everything should be fine. But when the bodies start showing up, the hunter in him just won’t let him ignore it. Maybe he should have realised a lot sooner that it was a trap. Kidnapped, hurt, and tortured Sam.
Rating: Fiction T – Horror, Angst
Words: 8,658

Creepy Bedtime Stories – SPN Season One

By: LeeMarieJack
Summary: A dark drabble series, one or more for each SPN Season One Episode. My drabbles have been getting creepy lately, good for chills and shivers. Have a nice time. Rated high for the future because who knows where we will go? Warnings for everything you saw on the show. 
Rating: Fiction M – Horror, Adventure
Words: 3,700

Until It Sleeps

By: ucat42
Summary: Every 22 years something crawls from the bowels of the Earth to wreak havoc and death. This time, it is back early, and it’s escalating. Bobby joins the Winchesters in this hunt. 
Rating: Fiction K – Horror, Supernatural
Words: 72,541

Our Solemn Hour

By: ucat42
Summary: Swan Song AU. Dean says yes, and jumps into the Cage with Sam. Getting themselves out of Hell was the simplest part. Now there’s a knight of Hell and a crossroads demon gunning for the throne, an angel who can’t ever do anything right, a demonic Winchester brother trying to enjoy his new life, and the other brother, he just wants his family back. Could these trials be the key?
Rating: Fiction T – Horror, Angst
Words: 54,443

Where Darkness Gathers

By: AlElizabeth
Summary: AU Sam Winchester is terrified of the dark… and for a good reason.
Rating: Fiction T – Horror, Mystery
Words: 5,235

Take the House out of the Hell House

By: sweetysmart0505
Summary: Richardson, Texas. Home of ghosts and cheap thrills, but not the good kinds. Dean said if Mordechai could ever leave the house, they would just have to come back. Now Mordechai is worse than ever! BUT things aren’t ALWAYS what they seem. Hurt!Boys Angst
Rating: Fiction T – Mystery, Horror
Words: 29,375


By: P.L. Wynter
Summary: There are some things that time can never forgive. John Winchester is about to find this out and it may cost him the lives of his sons. PrePilot. Rated M for language.
Rating: Fiction M – Mystery, Horror
Words: 36,814

You wrote a fic and you’d like to share it with us? Or maybe suggest a fic that totally terrified you? Let us know by leaving a comment,tweeting us, sending us an ask on Tumblror sending us an email We’re waiting for your suggestions!

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