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First of all: Happy new year! Here’s to another year full of fanfiction to read!

We’re kicking off 2017 with a Gen-themed January, based off a request we got for a Supernatural fanfic. The Winchesters are coming back from hellatus on January 26th, so here’s 10 Supernatural Gen fics for you to read in the meantime!

And Beats High Mountain Down

By: The_Bookkeeper
Summary: Sam is concussed and hallucinating; Dean is crippled and drugged to the gills. It is, in short, about the worst possible moment for sudden, unexpected time travel.
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences – Gen – Time Travel, Hallucifer, Family Drama, Angst, Teenchesters
Words: 11,145

The Ice Age

By: Balder12
Summary: Sam doesn’t know what the man in the trench coat wants. All he knows is the man is very insistent, and the ice is getting closer.
Rating: General Audiences – Gen – AU-Canon Divergence, Hurt/Comfort
Words: 3,835

Semper Familia

By: KatZen
Summary: When his dad comes back into the clearing with a scrawny kid he’s just bought in tow, Dean isn’t surprised. He knows Lilim aren’t human, that they’re creatures, like witches or wendigo. But the kid that John’s got by the arm, who’s pulled as far away from Dean’s dad as possible without actually trying to get his arm back, the kid whose eyes don’t leave John and are bright with fear, the kid who looks like he hasn’t eaten in a couple of days and is obviously favoring his left leg… This kid looks an awful lot like a person. And what’s more, he’s the same age Sammy would have been.
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences – Gen – AU-Canon Divergence, Emotional Hurt/Comfort, Weechesters, Rape/Non-Con References, Slavery, Brother Feels, Teenage Winchesters
Words: 108,415

Live and Let Die

By: Aini_NuFire
Summary: Sam was okay with respecting Cas’s choice, even if that meant letting his friend die. …Wasn’t he?
Rating: General Audiences – Gen – S11, Post-Possession, Brainwashed Castiel, Guilty Sam, Fix-It, Caring Sam, Hurt Castiel, Depression, Family Feels, Angst and Hurt/Comfort
Words: 8,671

Suiting words to Action

By: Aria_Lerendeair, litra
Summary: It’s Sam’s Freshman year at Stanford and he finds himself short on cash. Running away from his old life doesn’t mean he’s going to let himself get soft… Or the one where Sam joins a fight club, and no this totally isn’t my headcanon for the Sex Stanford and a Sweetshop verse, pre-series…
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences – Gen – Fights, Fight Club-Freeform, College
Words: 4,334


By: pprfaith
Summary: Dean has an imaginary friend. It all goes downhill from there.
Rating: Mature – Gen – Violence, Non-Linear Narrative, Weirdness, Allegory, Metaphors, Mythology-Freeform, AU, Discussions of Suicide, Child Neglect
Words: 3,354

Why Michael, Lucifer, and Gabrier are the Best Big Brothers Ever – By Castiel Winchester

By: PetrichorPerfume
Summary: Cas lists what he loves best about each of his brothers.
Rating: General Audiences – Gen – Fluff, Brother Feels, Brotherly Love
Words: 279

A Different Vessel

By: TardisIsTheOnlyWayToTravel
Summary: What if Castiel had taken a different vessel?
Rating: Teen and Up Audience – Gen – Crack, Humor, Angels, Seasons 4 & 5
Words: 3,026


By: NorthernSparrow
Summary: Sam and Dean are working a case in Wyoming, but are distracted by news of a dangerous angel called “Castiel” who they can’t remember ever having heard of before. The name seems a little bit familiar, but neither of the boys is sure why.
Rating: General Audiences – Gen – Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Case Fic, Amnesiac Dean, Amnesiac Sam, Human Castiel, Friendship/Love
Words: 161,224

Castiel and Crowley: The Next Missions (series)

By: WatchingOne
Summary: A spin-off from Supernatural featuring the team of Castiel and Crowley. They find that they make a rather good team of Hunters in their own right, but can tackle the cases that even the vaunted Winchesters can’t handle…
Rating: Fiction T – Supernatural/Adventure

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