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We continue with our September School AUs to make your transition back to school easier! It probably won’t surprise anyone that we are be dedicating this week to Star Trek. 50 years is a long time, more than enough to write countless School AU featuring these emblematic characters from all series and seasons. Going from high school to university, we hope you enjoy these 10 Star Trek School AUs!

Happiness is a Warm Vulcan

By: StarSHIPofSpaceHusbands
Summary: Kirk and Spock are in high school together. Kirk takes Spock under his proverbial wing, if you will, until they realize there is so much more than friendship between them.
Rating: Not Rated – M/M – AU-Fusion, AU-High School, Fluff and Angst, Minor Violence
Words: 14,950


By: kasia
Summary: Working at a coffee shop wasn’t ideal for high school senior Jim Kirk. But it gives him the excuse to shamelessly flirt with the cute med student who needs black coffee like he needs a good night’s sleep. Jim is head-over-heels and subtlety means absolutely nothing to him.
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences – M/M – AU-Coffee Shops & Cafés, AU-High School, AU-College/University, Age Difference
Words: 5,340

A Beautiful Friendship

By: sgamadison
Summary: Jim Kirk is on a trip to Vulcan with his sixth grade class, at a time when tension between Vulcan and the Federation is high. There is talk of Vulcan withdrawing from the Federation, so naturally, the school children have been told to be on their absolute best behavior…
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences – Gen – AU-High School, AU-Canon Divergence
Words: 14,637

Baby Can’t You See (You Belong With Me)

By: StilesInTheGlade
Summary: Leonard McCoy was one of those people who hated the very idea of high school. Holy shit, man. He wanted nothing to do with any of it. Until, of course, James Fucking Kirk, captain of the football team, decided Leonard was cute.
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences – M/M – High School AU
Words: 2,087

The Best Year Ever

By: OTESlife
Summary: Spock is the new kid at a boarding school in California. Bones and Jim team up with him to try enjoy their final year of high school. A year filled with fun moments, romance, heartache and high school drama. Will Spock survive his senior year?
Rating: Fiction T – Humor/Drama
Words: 32,972

Adult Education

By: Reigen Doki
Summary: Academy AU. They wanted Jim to grow up and take on real responsibility, too bad no one in the school was prepared for it. When Jim starts teaching a class, he throws the entire Academy into chaos. Can Spock help Jim with his problems and help the school? Will Jim even give this stranger the time of day? See how Jim matures or if he crashes and burns and how the school handles it.
Rating: Fiction T – Drama
Words: 27,209

Don’t Stand So Close to Me

By: canistakahari
Summary: Leonard McCoy takes Jim Kirk’s Romantic lit class as an elective. This is, to be honest, probably a pretty bad idea for them both (but the kind of bad idea that has satisfyingly sexy results).
Rating: Explicit – M/M – AU-College/University, Smut, Age Difference, Teacher-Student Relationship, Literary References & Allusions, AU-Modern Setting
Words: 3,794

Missing Male Cycads

By: Four_Nostril
Summary: Botany professor Jim Kirk relaxes with a drink the evening before the big exam. Head gardener Scott gives him a call. Three vital objects are missing! And the titan arum is about to bloom! Definitely AU, Present-day university. Art by Karl Johnsson.
Rating: Mature – M/M – Botany, AU-College/University, Humor, Fluff, Mathematics, Smut
Words: 6,589

Self-Satisfied Smile

By: EvilPiranha
Summary: High School AU. When Spock’s family is called to Earth for his father’s work, his mother encourages him to enrol in a Terran school. There he meets Jim Kirk, a mischievous hothead who never seems to stop smiling. Despite himself, Spock cannot resist the desire to know the boy behind the self-satisfied smile.
Rating: Mature – Underage – Gen, F/M, M/M – AU-High School, Romance, Friendship
Words: 26,489


By: ExpandingDarkness
Summary: Jim is at risk of being kicked out of his boarding school. Boarding School AU. Short Story. Kirk/Spock, Chekov/Sulu.
Rating: Fiction K+ – Drama
Words: 965

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