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The Olympic Games are already over and today is also the last day of Sports AUgust. We asked you to vote on Twitter and you chose Sherlock. For next month, we are thinking of doing School AUs fic recs since it’s back-to-school time. Make sure to send us your requests and recommendations!

But, for now, enjoy these 10 Sherlock sports fic recs!

The Bang and the Clatter

By: earlgreytea68
Summary: Sherlock Holmes is a pitcher and John Watson is a catcher. No, no, no, it’s a baseball AU.
Rating: Mature – M/M – AU, Baseball
Words: 137,048

A Study in Winning

By: Jupiter_Ash
SummaryJohn and Sherlock are professional tennis players and it’s Wimbledon. One is a broken almost was at the end of his career, the other an arrogant rising star tipped for greatness. It should have been a straightforward tournament. It really should have been. How were they to know that a chance encounter would change everything?
Rating: Explicir – M/M – AU, Slash, Tennis, Epic, French, Plot
Words: 106,658

Pas de Deux

By: prettysailorsoldier
Summary: When Sherlock gets banished to the Year 13 corridor, he finds himself with a new locker neighbor: John Watson, the enigmatic captain of the rugby team who the teachers love and girls swoon at the sight of, but Sherlock isn’t charmed. Not in the slightest. Honest.
Rating: Mature – Underage – M/M – ballet!lock, rugby!john, Teenlock, AU, One Shot, Fluff
Words: 12,681

With Practice

By: sheffiesharpe
Summary: The annual Lestrade family football match takes place, Lestrade gets his ice cream fix, and the visit to Marseilles concludes.
Rating: Explicit – M/M – Multilingual Character, Sexual Content, Football
Words: 18,285

Eyes Up, Heels Down

By: CodenameMeretricious
Summary: Sherlock is a top eventing rider currently training at Baker Farms. John is the new groom who’s been told to steer clear of the surly rider and his horses.
Rating: Explicit – M/M – Fluff, Angst, Humor, Horses, Sports AU, Equestrian AU
Words: 107,845

Holmes Is Where the Heart Is: In London With Sherlock Holmes and John Watson

By: earlgreytea68
Summary: Five years after they became the biggest story in baseball, the Holmes-Watson battery is flourishing more than ever. Just on a different continent.
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences – M/M – Baseball
Words: 4,725

The Commentary Experiment

By: earlgreytea68
Summary: Do you know what Sherlock would hate? Baseball commentators.
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences – M/M – Baseball
Words: 1,560

Studio 4

By: JohnlockTheDoctor
Summary: John’s the rugby captain and Sherlock likes ballet. An unusual friendship that gets them sprawled out on a studio floor.
Rating: Explicit – M/M – Ballet, Rugby, Smut, Fluff, Johnlock – Freeform
Words: 3,274

Emblaze Our Hearts

By: antietamfalls
Summary: A night of celebratory drinking leads to a mystery in the Olympic village. Who is this “SH” person with whom John apparently spent the night, and why did they disappear with John’s most prized possession?
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences – M/M – AU Sports, 2014 Winter Olympics, Drunkenness, Texting, Memory Loss
Words: 7,970

Fly Very High

By: yalublyutebya
Summary: John Watson was born to be a racing driver, and even a crash isn’t enough to keep him out of a car for long. But coming back is not that easy, especially when he meets his new teammate, Sherlock Holmes.
Rating: Explicit – M/M – AU, Formula One, Car Racing, Rivalry, Permanent Injury, Hate Sex, Angry Sex
Words: 46,553

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