FANFIC FRIDAY: ‘Sense8’ Male Slash

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Hello fanfic readers!

How is your summer going? Full of binge-watching, I guess. Or binge-reading in this case.

We asked, you voted: July’s Fanfic Friday will be dedicated to MALE SLASH! We have also asked you on Twitter which fandom should be featured for the first day and the winner was Sense8!

And, just like we promised, it’s not going to be 5, but 10 fanfic recs! Enjoy!

and your friends they sing along and they love you

By: lannisnow
Summary: Basically just shameless smut. There’s no plot to this. PWP.
Rating: Explicit – F/FM, F/M, M/M, Multi (Will Gorski/Wolfgang Bogdanow)
Words: 1878

Close Your Eyes and Relax

By: boazpriestly
SummaryOther people would see his atrocious sleep patterns and call it insomnia, but Will knows better. He’s lonely.
Rating: General Audiences – M/M, Cuddle fic (Will Gorski/Wolfgang Bogdanow/Lito Rodriguez)
Words: 730

Contact High

By: AndreaLyn
Summary“This isn’t a proposal. I would give you a much better proposal,” he insists firmly, not wanting Hernando to think that Lito wouldn’t give him the world. Days after things die down, Lito’s overwhelming affection and relief continue to filter through the cluster, spreading happiness and joy.
Rating: Not Rated – M/M (Hernando/Lito Rodriguez, Wolfgang Bogdanow/Kala Dandekar)
Words: 1,643

No Language Barrier 

By: Wolves_of_Innistrad
Summary: When he’s asleep, Will’s walls come down, and a truth he’s hidden from himself comes to light as he visits Lito in the night.
Rating: Explicit – M/M, Smut, Threesome, PWP (Lito Rodriguez/Hernando/Will Gorski)
Words: 1,767

if your world falls apart, i will hold you in my arms

By: londoneyedgirl
Summary“God, is it always like this?” Will hears from behind him and he’d admit later that he’d probably have jumped if the pain wasn’t almost unbearable. He turns around with a bit of difficulty, eyebrows shooting up in surprise when he sees Wolfgang before he winces, pain reminding him that his split eyebrow is, well, split. “Are you this whiny every time you get into a fight?” or, will gets into a fight while working undercover and wolfgang takes care of him.
Rating: General Audiences – Gen, M/M, Fluff (Wolfgang Bogdanow/Will Gorski)
Words: 1,109

Sneaky Cuddles can Put Your Life in Jeopardy

By: soufflegirlsammy
SummaryWill doesn’t know how or why this happened but somehow he ended up cuddling with a sleeping Wolfgang every night and is constantly terrified for his life.
Rating: General Audiences – M/M, Fluff, AU-Canon Divergence (Wolfgang Bogdanow/Will Gorski)
Words: 710

Lambs with Guns and Wolves with Teeth

By: InsominiacArrest
SummaryWill and Wolfgang have been avoiding each other for awhile now for obvious reasons and now it is finally time for them to connect and perhaps really share something.
Rating: Explicit – M/M, Smut (Wolfgang Bogdanow/Will Gorski)
Words: 3,421

Delicacies of the Soul

By: AndreaLyn
SummaryHernando plans the menu for their wedding meticulously and with great devotion to all the parts that make up Lito’s new world.
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences – M/M (Hernando/Lito Rodriguez, Riley Blue/Will Gorski)
Words: 3,609

The Little Things

By: jooliewrites
Summary: “Declarations of ‘I don’t care’ aside, the habits of a life built in shadow do not change in the blink of an eye. Instead it starts small…”. A post episode 10 ficlet about Lito and Hernando and taking tentative steps forward.
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences – M/M, Domestic Fluff (Hernando/Lito Rodriguez)
Words: 1,942

Cold Shower

By: callay
Summary: Will’s trying to get his bearings, pulse racing. “Were you just – “ he starts, and then he knows the answer. Because suddenly he’s with Lito, in his expansive, steam-clouded shower. And Lito’s with Hernando.
Rating: Explicit – M/M, Telepathic Sex, Shower Sex (Will Gorski/Hernando/Lito Rodriguez)
Words: 1,153

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