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Today it’s a special Fanfic Friday. Orphan Black is back for its third season tomorrow so we’re celebrating with not 5, but 10 fanfics! We’ve chosen these fanfics carefully so we’d have a bit of everything: gen, angst, crack, shipping… that way there’s something for everyone! Read, enjoy the premiere and have an awesome weekend! 

Crazy Science Hormones

By: PeachieBaby05
Summary: Delphine has her hands full with an overly hormoned up pregnant Cosima.

Rating: Explicit – Pregnancy, Fluff, Smut
Words: 3,473

Flickering Lights and Bar Fights

By: inamamagic
Summary: Sarah and Helena exchange stories at the ER.
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences – Gen
Words: 571

The Aftermath

By: ChaoticHeroine
Summary: Sarah takes care of Helena in the aftermath of what happens to her at the military’s hands. Purely speculation. Filled with sestra angst, tears and cuddling.

Rating: General Audiences – Angst, S3 Speculation
Words: 508

Battle Scar

By: geekdawson
Summary: In which I just throw some of my favorite Tony and Helena stories together and thread the common theme of scars through them. Cause who needs plot anyway? I’m just so enamored of this idea of these two scarred idiots bonding against all the odds.

Rating: General Audiences – Gen
Words: 1,170

Born Offside

By: mintcar
Summary: It’s the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup in Canada; patriotism, national team pressure and maple syrup sales are running at an all-time high as the Canadian national team try to assert their dominance over women’s football. The first obstacle: the talented French team, in a scrappy game that ends, somehow, as an actual bloodbath…

Rating: Mature – F/F, Gen, Sports AU
Words: 59,754


By: marycontraire
Summary: Alison attempts to help; Felix overreacts.

Rating: Not Rated – Gen, Holidays
Words: 3,160

Shady Love

By: Abby_S
Summary: “And Felix gets it, he does. He gets feeling alone. He gets having to deal with shit you don’t even understand. He gets the feeling of having nowhere to go, no one to talk to“. Or, five times Tony calls Felix.
Rating: Mature – M/M, Fluff/Angst, Phone Sex, Canon Divergence

Words: 1,372

Love Like Fools

By: assassinlover
Summary: Neither Cosima nor her father were looking for anything in the south of France other than some quality time together. Despite her tendency to intimidate people with her intelligence and talk them away from her, Cosima stumbles across the beautiful, scientific Delphine and they instantly have a connection. Cosima’s convinced that she’s found not only her intellectual equal, but the future mother of her children. Amazingly enough, so has her father — Delphine’s mother.
Rating: Mature – F/F

Words: 67,677

In Peripheral Residue (Sherlock Crossover)

By: meggann
Summary: Not two months following his resettlement into 221B, Sherlock Holmes receives a call from an old contact hoping to pull in a favor.
Rating: Fiction T 

Words: 884

The Girl in The Clash T-Shirt (Supernatural Crossover)

By: impossiblynikki
Summary: Sam and Dean get a call from Bobby about a situation in Toronto, in which women with the same face and DNA are being murdered. The boys get a little more than they bargained for when they figure out exactly who (or what) they are hunting.
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences

Words: 5,222

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