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Today we’re here to bring you another Fanfic rec for One Piece (you can check the previous one HERE). This time it’s romance, something that we rarely see in this series. The ship that we’ve chosen is one of the most recent and hot slash couples in the fandom at the moment: LawLu (Trafalgar Law/Monkey D Luffy). Yes, we’ll also have ZoSan in the future. So here are some 5 awesome LawLu fics for you!

Falling with the Leaves

By: Tokyosketch
Summary: The first time Luffy actually spoke to Law it was in autumn. The weather wasn’t that nice, it looked like it was going to rain soon, but he walked through the park anyway.

Rating: Fiction M – Romance
Words: 121,741

Keep Going

By: Mai Kusakabe
Summary: There have been many events and people that have helped shape Trafalgar Law as he is now, and yet, without one person in particular, he would be nothing like the man he is today.

Rating: Fiction T 
Words: 2,653

Heart Donor

By: Illumi Senri
Summary: Dr. Trafalgar Law is a workaholic heart surgeon who lived in a rigid everyday routine trying to forget his past and filling his emptiness. Everything is going normally until he became in charge of a new patient with a serious heart failure, Monkey D. Luffy. Ever since day 1, there is something about the unconventional Luffy that draws him in.

Rating: Fiction T – Romance/Angst
Words: 6,113


By: TrafalgarsLaw
Summary: Prompt: Imagine Person A of your OTP seeing Person B with bed hair for the first time, and being totally blown away by how cute/hot/etc, they look with their hair being a huge mess. Bonus: if Person A gets flustered when Person B pokes fun at them for liking it.

Rating: Fiction M – Romance
Words: 835

Neon Lights and Night Love

By: Tokyosketch
Summary: Luffy met Law at a club in Vegas and the guy was high as fuck.

Rating: Fiction M – Romance
Words: 5,387


We also have a special announcement and that is that June is gonna be our CROSSOVER MONTH. Every Friday we’ll post not 5, but 10 fanfics that include all kind of crazy crossovers. As always, if you’ve got any suggestions or recommendations, you can let us know by either posting them in the comments, sending us an ask on Tumblr, messaging us on Facebook or emailing us at thedailyfandomtv@gmail.com