Fanfic Friday: One Piece

Hello fanfic readers!

It’s Friday again and that means a new edition of Fanfic Friday! After we covered the big trio, Superwholock, it’s time to touch on some anime. And what best option to start with than with the most popular anime ever, One Piece? (Yes, we’ll do one for Attack on Titan too).

One Piece is all about adventures so we’ve decided to include the best and most epic stories for the Straw Hats. They’re generally gen (heh), but there might be some pairings on some of them. Here we go!

  •   Asteria Nightmare
    By: Velkyn Karma
    Summary: On this island, it’s personal. The inhabitants don’t just steal your body; they feed on your dreams. Features all Straw Hats. Nakamaship; no pairings. 
    Rating: Fiction T – Adventure/Supernatural 
    Words: 151,145
    Notes: Probably the most recommended OP fic. It’s long, it’s got a very well researched and developed mythology and it’s incredibly exciting. It also contains lots of fighting and mysteries. A definite must for any OP fan!
  •  For Nakama
    By: Zinfer
    Summary: Luffy saved his nakama, but at a heavy price. Now the captainless crew must find a way to get him back while he finds himself being used as a test subject to create a seastone gas.
    Rating: Fiction K+ – Hurt/Comfort/Adventure
    Words: 195,253
    Notes: If you like hurt!Luffy, this is the fic for you. The build up is a bit slow, but the climax is worth it and you’ll definitely be on edge to know what’s going to happen to Luffy. 
  • The Supernova Eleven
    By: Phalanx
    Summary: In any other reality, they would have been called the Eleven Supernovas, and each of them would be notorious in their own right. In THIS reality however, they would come together under the same captain, be part of the same crew.
    Rating: Fiction T – Humor/Adventure
    Words: 56,430
    Notes: Basically a fic for everyone who loved the Sabaody arc and the Eleven Supernovas in general. A very clever and original idea indeed!
  • Blue, Gold, and Pale
    By: Zinfer
    Summary: The Straw Hat crew stumble upon a giant sky-tree inhabited by monkey-humanoids with a dark past. Determined to save the Blue monkeys in the lower canopy from monster salamanders, they find themselves in more trouble than they bargained for that could mean life or death for captain and crew.
    Rating: Fiction K – Adventure/Hurt/Comfort
    Words: 119,441
    Notes: Yet another epic adventurous fic in which the Straw Hats end up getting involved in something much more dangerous than what they epected. 
  • Opening the Box
    By: Elin B
    Summary: After Thriller Bark, Usopp’s supposed negativity bothers Sanji, and he becomes determined to get Usopp to open up and talk about things. But is that really such a good idea…? Contains angst and coarse language.
    Rating: Fiction T – Angst/Drama
    Words: 11,485
    Notes: A fic for all the Usopp fans or for anyone who’s curious about Usopp’s past and his thoughts.

These are some of the options we have for next week. Which series would you like us to focus on for the next Fanfic Friday?

Have any other recommendations for the future? Tell us by leaving a comment, tweeting us, sending us an ask on Tumblr or sending us an email to We’re waiting for your suggestions!

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