FANFIC FRIDAY: One Piece Femslash

One Piece Femslash

Hello fanfic readers!

We continue with our month of Femslash! This week we go back to anime, with one of the most popular anime ever made: One Piece. Interestingly enough, femslash has been earning more and more popularity in the OP fandom lately.

In these 10 One Piece femslash recs you will find anything related to the romance of the One Piece ladies, mainly about Nami, Robin and Vivi. Enjoy!


By: Aerle
Summary: Nami tries to right a wrong of the past, while Vivi just wants a friend. But what if their goals collide? Ancient Egypt/Fantasy AU. 
Rating: Fiction M – Drama/Romance
Words: 147,05

Breathe In

By: xpiester333x
Summary: Nami just needs to remember to breathe as the hot desert air pushes her on towards a reunion she’s not sure she’s ready for.
Rating: Fiction K+ – Romance
Words: 4,439

I Can’t Pay

Summary: PWP. Vivi cannot pay the price. Will Nami be content with escorting Vivi for free? Set at any time when Vivi is sailing with the Straw Hat Crew. Rated M for explicit yuri and lemon content.
Rating: Fiction M – Romance/Hurt/Comfort
Words: 1,908

Magic (and Other Romantic Things)

By: AuthenticAussie
Summary: As was par the norm with anything magic, Robin hadn’t seen it coming. Oh, she’d been prepared, of course. She’d read every book on offer, had magic at her fingertips, worked a day job as a librarian to ensure her reading skills were up to par with even the fastest ‘natural’ wizard, and yet-  It was magic. That in itself was likely the only explanation needed.
Rating: General Audiences – F/F
Words: 383

Tangerine Scent

By: Yandere_Shoujo
Summary: Robin just wanted to get away from her troubles, and meets someone who has none. But this tangerine scented girl is more trouble than she’s worth. 
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences – Underage – Romance, Pre-Timeskip
Words: 5,917


By: ImperialMint
Summary: A goddess bestows powers to protect and Conis learns that not everything is dictated by good and evil. False gods and devils exist, and she must trust in everything she’s been told to fear.
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences – F/F
Words: 3,947

Up in the Club

By: xhelloxbeautifullx
Summary: The Straw-Hats are at another island which happens to have a night club. Things heat up as Robin and Nami start dancing together, and Nami finds out Robin has a secret.
Rating: Explicit – F/F
Words: 1,390


By: salmon_pink
Summary: –
Rating: G – Femslash (Pre-Water 7/Enies Lobby). Prompt: “dreams”
Words: 303


By: ImperialMint
Summary: They meet in Impel Down.
Rating: General Audiences – F/F
Words: 1,326

Girls Ni Kubittake

By: GemmaRose
Summary: Pirates cannot keep promises like forever, and princesses deserve nothing less.
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences – F/F – Kissing, Fluff, Implied Sexual Consent
Words: 604

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