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In this second week of April Crack we asked you to choose between The 100 and Once Upon a Time and Oncers won! Next week we will be doing an anime edition. Make sure to send us your suggestions for our Twitter poll!

Here’s your 10 Once Upon a Time crack recs. Enjoy!


By: Supreme_EvilQueen
Summary: Imagine Emma and Regina as friends, sending drunk snapchats to Mary Margaret. They start with a few funny faces and pictures of cider but after some more glasses it suddenly seems like a good idea to send snaps of them making out.
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences – F/F – Cute, Fluff, Funny, Technology, Crack
Words: 1,641

Let Stars Be My Asterisks

By: ABSedarian
SummaryRegina and Emma have stopped talking to each other after Emma came back from the past with Marian in tow … but all that means is that they’re thinking about each other while avoiding to talk. Regina refuses to talk to Emma since she can’t bear to see the woman she loves with her pirate boyfriend. Emma on the other hand ignores Hook because all she can think about is Regina. Hook thinks he should be the center of Emma’s attention and decides to woo Emma by writing her a love letter – and he goes to Regina for help, offering her an opportunity she can’t ignore. Based on Cyrano de Bergerac.
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences – F/F – Humor, Romance
Words: 29,079

Emma Swan: Saviour

By: WerepuppyBlack
SummaryEmma is really deep in denial about the whole curse thing.
Rating: General Audiences – Gen – Humor, Crack
Words: 437


By: WerepuppyBlack
Summary: Forbidden Love AU in which Emma and Regina are Marisol Mendez fans and diehard Gin/Sal shippers who have vastly different ideas about what constitutes good fanfic (or do they?).
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences – F/F – Fluff, Humor, Crack, Ridiculousness, AU
Words: 12,232


By: DarcyFarrow
Summary: As his first act of magic in 29 years, he conjures for his beloved a pair of combat boots. A crack rewrite of the end of season 1.
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences – Humor, Crack
Words: 17,400

Stallion, a Cape and a Sword

By: Battlingbard7
SummarySomething tells Regina that she should stop drinking wine before bed.
Rating: General Audiences – F/F – Crack, Humor
Words: 267

Pirate Protector

By: hariboo
SummaryHook is definitely not Henry and Neal’s babysitter.
Rating: General Audiences – Gen – Humor, Fluff, Crack, very mild sexual content, Cross-Generation Friendship
Words: 2,639

Pustule of Pixie-Dust

By: scarimor
SummaryMaleficent decides that Regina’s out-of-character stint must stop.
Rating: Mature – Gen – Humor, Crack
Words: 1,121

Healthy and Productive Anger Management: A Self-Help Guie by Regina Mills

By: thebabytiger
Summary: Regina Mills is in therapy for her anger issues, and is following Dr. Hopper’s advice to the letter. A collection of loosely-related drabbles.
Rating: General Audiences – F/F – Gen – Drabbles, Crack, spoof, tongue-in-cheek
Words: 11,920

The Time When Everyone Find Out

By: MurderouslyAdorkable
Summary: After Ruby sees Regina and Emma in a compromising position she conspires with Snow to have a little fun at their expense. Totally based on the Friends Episode of a similar name.
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences – F/F – Fluff, Crack, Humor, Mild Language, Implied Sexual Content
Words: 6,643

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