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Hello, fanfic readers!

It’s the last week of Gen May. We asked you on Twitter and you chose Mr. Robot for this week (the hype for Season 2 is too real!).

As per requested by you, and due to the latest #GiveCaptainAmericaABoyfriend events, we are starting next month with a Stucky special. Because of this, June will be dedicated to Male Slash. Send us your fic recs for Stucky as well as other M/M couples for the rest of the month! Remember that you can do so via email or via private messages on our Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr!

fill in the holes you’ve made

By: sxldato
Summary: Morphine withdrawal is really, really messy.
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences – Gen – Hurt/Comfort, Implied/Referenced Drug Abuse, Vomiting, Mental Instability
Words: 2,438

you are out of my mind

By: silenceisnotmyfriend
Summary: “Did you not get my texts last night? I sent you exactly thirteen of them.” As soon as Elliot had gotten home and fed Qwerty, he’d read through the texts. He has read all thirteen of them, two times over.
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences – Gen – Friendship
Words: 1,324

Too Much Pressure for a Fish

By: fourthduckling
Summary: This is the story Elliot tells Qwerty. It’s mostly true.
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences – Gen – Drug Use, Pets
Words: 1,308

An aid to sleep

By: OddmentsandTweaks
Summary: ASMR? Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. Who came up with such a bullshit name? Just another name for another distraction to take our minds off the monotony of life. Making it sound special and different to try and create a sense of worth and identity when really it’s just another false cure. A glamour to entertain the herd. I am not going to waste my time. Looking at a few YouTube videos won’t help, won’t stop me seeing her when I close my eyes every fucking time. I need to sleep. I don’t need these videos.
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences – Gen – Reference to character death, Mention of past drug abuse, ASMR, Emotional Hurt/Comfort
Words: 2,237


By: wehdile
Summary: The first person he really tells is a mistake, a slip of the tongue in a moment of weakness. It happens while he shares a smoke outside of the arcade with Mr. Robot, half listening to his mad ranting where topics blur together until the entire world seems a conspiracy. Elliot’s thoughts bunch together as a coming storm on the horizon, the question perched at the back of his throat and he can’t do a thing to stop it from bursting out. “Can someone be a man but not really feel like one?”
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences – Gen – Gender Identity
Words: 1,017

near the buffer in memory on the stack

By: entanglement
Summary: (post-finale). the important parts from the last 72 hours
Rating: General Audiences – Gen – Multiple POV
Words: 2,449


By: goldfinch
Summary: The woman looks up. She’s smiling, but it’s a statue’s smile, cold and carved-in and meaningless. It makes Darlene’s skin prickle. It makes her wish for Henry’s gun. “I saw the sign,” the woman says. “What sign”. “Why—” she turns a little, pointing, her smile getting wider—“the one outside. F Society. Didn’t you realize?”
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences – Gen – Aftermath of Violence, Missing Persons, Brother-Sister Relationships, Implied/Referenced Child Abuse
Words: 6,254

Locked In

By: hueligan
Summary: Elliot falls apart in his apartment. Post-season 1, some timeline distortion. Where are we left when everything leaves us?
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences – Gen – Angst, Drug Use
Words: 1,358


By: badgerterritory
Summaryhow a rose gets her thorns. (or, the mysterious past of white rose.)
Rating: General Audiences – Gen
Words: 1,049


By: amandaskankovich
SummaryAU where cybernetic limbs are on their way to being more or less commonplace and Elliot gets them as a child after the railing incident. Or Elliot’s a cyborg. Because why not?
Rating: Not Rated – Gen
Words: 918

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