FANFIC FRIDAY: Movie Crossover, News + POLL

movie crossover

Howdy fanfic readers!

Today our crossover special is dedicated to MOVIES: anything from Harry Potter to Lord of the Rings. Sadly, today is also going to be the last day of our Crossover June! But fear not, because we have 2 special announcements regarding Fanfic Friday:

  1. The first one is that, following what we did during June, FF is now going to have a different theme every month! Everything from femslash to coffe shop AUs. The best part? YOU get to choose what next month’s going to be dedicated to! All you have to do is vote in the poll you will find down below! Easy peasy.
  2. The second good news is that, as we have done in some occasions in the past and starting from next week, we’re expanding the number of fanfic recs to 10 per week! It’s also a good thing since we know many of you will have more time to read during the summer (because we all know that’s what summer nights are for).

But, for now, enjoy these 5 awesome fanfic recs featuring your favourite movies!

Family Ties

By: Therefore I Am A Pipsqueak
SummaryAccording to Tony, having Ironman as your uncle is about as cool as it can get. To Hermione, its just a pain in the ass. But the again, the same could be said to having a witch as a niece. AU, one-shot series. mostly interconnected.
Universes: Harry Potter | The Avengers
Rating: Fiction T – Family/Hurt/Comfort
Words: 12,828

Blue Skies and Blue Boxes

By: RandomHamster33
SummaryA mysterious box falls from the portal with Tony Stark. A man stumbles out and collapses; the Avengers take him in. But how did he end up in there in the first place?
Universes: Doctor Who | The Avengers
Rating: Fiction T – Sci-Fi/Adventure
Words: 15,838

Frozen Viking

By: TigerWolf12
SummaryHans has a plan, he will kidnap a Viking Prince to force the Vikings from that village to attack Arendelle. His journey takes him to Berk where he meets Hiccup. The pairings will be Hiccup/Astrid, and Anna/Kristoff. The ages for them will be Hiccup and the other Viking in his group will be sixteen. Elsa and Kristoff will be 21, and Anna and Hans will be 18.
Universes: How to Train Your Dragon | Frozen
Rating: Fiction T – Friendship/Family
Words: 37,719

Pirates of the Ring

By: Aelaer
SummaryJack, Gibbs, Anamaria, Will, and Elizabeth sail to Middle-earth; their presence can only have a direct impact on its future. POTC and LOTR. LOTR movie and book verse; follows canon established in first POTC film only.
Universes: Lord of the Rings | Pirates of the Caribbean
Rating: Fiction T – Adventure
Words: 211,801

Hydra Likes Pepperoni

By: Starkreactor
SummaryTony and Pepper are being chased, big suprise there, and Wolverine of the X-men seems to know who is after them. How crazy could this possibly get? Not too out of hand-right?
Universes: X-Men | Ironman
Rating: Fiction T – Adventure/Romance
Words: 19,862

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