Fanfic Friday: Mixed Romantic/Cozy Coffee Shop AUs Recs!

Welcome to Fanfic Friday, everyone! This month’s theme is comfy, romance, coffee shop AUs. We are getting ready for hot cocoa by the fire with your loved ones and cuddling up with your favorite pets while watching your favorite show or reading about your favorite show. Let’s get into the coziness. Today we have a mixture of Fanfics with the title, “Once Upon A Time” in the name. They could be OUAT, Star Trek, and anything else!

1. One In Seven Billion -Once Upon A Time Romance

Summary: “…There was a boy. A boy in the dining room, Nana, the Darling’s dog and nanny, began to bark.”
Rating: Teen +
Words: 2952

2. Once Upon a Different Time

Summary: This story answers one simple question. What if David had met Regina first?
Rating: Mature
Words: 5611

3. Once Upon A Time

Summary: Captain Kirk reads from a book he shouldn’t.
Rating: Teen +
Words: 1519

4. Once Upon A Time There Was An Ocean

Summary: Rose had traveled through so many different parallels, ranging from the mundane to the bizarre, but now, looking out at the familiar London skyline, she wondered if she’d finally found home at last.

5. Once Upon a Time

Summary: Set ten years after the end of GWTW. Scarlett and Rhett have since reconciled and are asked to watch over their grandchild for an evening. Rhett decides to tell their granddaughter, Elizabeth, quite the inventive fairy tale to pass the time. Interesting events occur that includes a lace blanket, a tantrum, and a happy resolution.
Rating: Teen +
Words: 7300

6. Once Upon a Time

By: luvscharlie [archived by ]
Summary: Because to get to happily ever after, we must first begin with once upon a time.
Rating: Explicit
Words: 1756

7. Once Upon a Time We Were Happy

Summary: The new government law forced Clare and Jake to go back in time and try to find love within 30 days. Failure, the punishment is unknown. Once Upon a Time Tale. One-sided Cake. Eclare! AU
Rating: Teen +
Words: 1976

8. Once Upon A Time In Rome

Summary: Misha driving Jensen crazy with his skills.
Rating: Explicit
Words: 651

9. Once Upon a Time

Summary: Once upon a time in a country not that far away, lived a beautiful, beloved prince called Newt. One day, however, the young prince was kidnapped by a horrible creature. Will Sir Thomas be able to save him so they can both live happily ever after?
Rating: General Audiences
Words: 2711

10. Once Upon A Time…

Summary: Once upon a time…that’s the way their story was going to be told. Rules be damned…
Rating: Teen +
Words: 2402

You wrote a fic and would like it to appear on Fanfic Friday? Or maybe you want to suggest a fic you loved? If so, let us know by leaving a comment down below, tweeting us, sending us an ask on Tumblr or emailing us!

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