Fanfic Friday: Les Misérables’ Granjolras (or Enjoltaire)

Hello there, fic readers!

So, I guess that along with ‘every single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife‘ it’s a truth universally acknowledged that Les Mis fans dive into fan fictions to save themselves the pain of their actual canon materials — where everyone dies and there’s no getting back from it, given that it was written something like two hundred years ago. That is to say that today’s fandom for our Fanfic Friday is Les Misérables, more specifically Les Amis de l’ABC, more specifically the most famous couple of the fandom, Grantaire and Enjolras, and even more specifically AUs, which make up basically 99.9% of the works up on the Web. But hey, AUs are great, so here you have five of my personal favorites for you to enjoy and for all your Granjolras feels (or Enjoltaire, it depends).

Sometimes I wonder if Victor Hugo ever thought that the people loving his novel to the moon and back would have ended up being overly emotional girls two centuries after his death. I bet he didn’t. But I also like to think that he’s kinda proud. And scared. Mostly proud, though.

Paris Burning

By: thecitysmith
Summary: In a world where Cities are personified, the City of Paris has been missing for centuries, driven away by the horrors of war and the worst humanity has offered him. Enjolras dreams of meeting Paris, and leading him to a better tomorrow. What he doesn’t know is that Paris is now a cynical drunk who calls himself Grantaire.

Rating: Explicit (for violence mostly)
Words: 45, 071

Comment: Literally the best fan fiction you’ll read about Les Amis with the most amazing concept, the greatest world building and a prose like that poetry that will make you cry. The author also a blog about the Cityverse, so check it out here!

Talk Revolution To Me, Baby (Series)

By: truethingsproved
Summary: It’s a series so it doesn’t really have a summary but it’s a modern!au. The best written, I believe. And one of the funniest.
Rating: Teen And Up
Words: 53,860

Press One For Revolution

By: yall
aintright, zamriya
5:45 PM
From Enjolras to Courfeyrac, Courfeyrac’s phone.
Enjolras: I am currently in your bedroom.
Enjolras: There is a lighter in my right hand.
Enjolras: And your My Little Pony blanket is in my left hand.
Enjolras: What. Did. You. Do. To. My. Laundry.
Courfeyrac: um
Courfeyrac: remember how i said someone had stolen all your clothes?
Enjolras: Yes.
Courfeyrac: it wasnt so much that your clothes were stolen
Courfeyrac: more like i accidentally gliterified them
Courfeyrac: enjolras?
5: 50 PM
Courfeyrac: enjolras?

Or, a Les Amis college AU, told through texts.
Rating: Teen And Up
Words: 15,635

Comment: This fic is pure genius. Given, it’s a bit like an acid trip with a bunch of really questionable friends, but it’s great. You’ll laugh until you cry, it’s granted.

mise en abyme

By: tellthemstories
Summary: In a world where dreamsharing is illegal, Enjolras rights the world’s wrongs by going into the minds of those he deems unworthy, stealing their secrets and correcting their faults. Combeferre is the steady right-hand, Courfeyrac is the greatest forger to have ever lived, and Grantaire is the only Architect that matters.

Only no one’s seen Grantaire since the mess in Sicily, the Amis are split across the world, and Enjolras has spent the last four years in prison.

Rating: Mature
Words: 25,663

Comment: The Inception!AU y’all know you wanted.

if it moves, kick it

By: yallaintright
Summary: If he was a religious man, Grantaire would say that when God was distributing football talent on this current generation of players, on the first day he looked at Germany. Then he looked at Brazil. Then he looked at a lot of other teams. And on the seventh day, God looked at France and said ‘you know what, I don’t really fancy it, it’s sunday and they already have croissants, I’m going back to bed.” Clearly, no one informed Enjolras of this.

Or that one World Cup AU in which Enjolras is very good at kicking a ball around and Grantaire is very good at making footballers punch him in the face.
Set during the 2018 World Cup.
Rating: Mature
Words: 35,468

Comment: Nothing’s better than a football!au. Especially advised for Europeans because we know that football is life around these parts.

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