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Hannibal horror

Hello fanfic readers!

Welcome to our third week of this Fanfic Friday Halloween Edition! We are still dealing with the aftermath of Hannibal‘s cancellation and hope that it could be picked up by some other network. Meanwhile, we thought that Hannibal would be an excellent choice for a horror fanfic rec.

Feel free to send your suggestions for next week’s FF! For now, enjoy these 10 delicious Hannibal horror recs and have a great weekend!

DISCLAIMER: Many of these fics can get pretty dark (torture, non-con…) so please make sure to read the trigger warnings if available before deciding to read one of them!

Palace of Dreams

By: MaiTai1327
Summary: A lonely boy at a Lithuanian orphanage creates a memory palace for him to hide away from his despicable circumstances and the nightmares haunting him. In his dreams, his palace becomes reality. And one day, he finds another boy hiding in one of its rooms. Hannibal/Will, slash, AU.
Rating: Fiction M – Horror/Romance (TW: Underage slash, strong violence, explicit imagery of child abuse, explicit imagery of alcohol consumption, strong references to sexual abuse and rape)
Words: 43,398

Keeping an Omega

By: sku7314977
Summary: Will figures out that Hannibal is the Chesapeake Ripper while attending one of his appointments and is forced into a fight for his life; however, after obtaining a knife wound the scent of Will’s blood reveals him to be Omega and Hannibal’s interests suddenly change.
Rating: Fiction M – Horror/Romance (TW: Non-con, Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics, biting, knotting, penetration, forced bonding, violence, psychological torture)
Words: 11,508

9 Crimes

By: globinesque
Summary: Pure evil is found every once in a while within the mind of a true psychopath. Time is ticking for the next victim. Her life depends on the ability to put the few differences aside to work with Will Graham. The need for family and the pressures of a career lead to a path where a life changing decision must be made. Eventual Chilton/OC
Rating: Fiction T – Crime/Horror
Words: 50,412

Losing Control

By: MaiTai1327
Summary: Hannibal plans everything with great care, and slowly, effectively he gets inside Will’s head, trying to manipulate him into madness. He is close to winning. But, at one point, things start to go awry… Alternative storyline after season 1 ep 10. Hannibal/Will
Rating: Fiction T – Horror/Romance (explicit murder scene and milder mentions of violence)
Words: 15,842

You can rent a space inside my mind

By: SunnyRea
Summary: Will sees it happen one second before it does – feels himself holding the knife with all the intent of a kill as clean as possible because Will is as close a connection to a person in life he has had in a while and torture is not necessary now – before Will turns around, locks eyes…
Rating: Fiction T – Horror/Drama
Words: 4,250

Hannibal: Pushing Us Into Self-Destruction

By: IBegToDreamAndDiffer
Summary: Clarice Starling needs help with a case, so she pays a visit to Will Graham, who’s incarcerated in the Baltimore Sate Hospital with his partner. (Post S3)
Rating: Mature – Graphic Depictions of Violence, dark!Will, Muder Husbands, references to murder
Words: 16,538


To Love A Wild Thing

By: Saucery
Summary: Hannibal feeds his pet.
Rating: Mature – AU (TW: Sexual slavery, animal play, light BDSM, dubcon, implied murder)
Words: 585

The French Laundry Killbok (GAME)

Summary: Set in season 3. Asleep in a winter wood after escaping from Muskrat Farm, Hannibal visits Will’s mind palace to repair the psychological damage. But he must hurry, before hypothermia kills them both.
Rating: Explicit – Horror, Mind Palace, Smut, Bondage, Murder Husbands
Words: –


By: Kendra Luehr
Summary: After being lured out of retirement, Will Graham makes a shocking discovery: Abigail Hobbs is alive. Little does he know, her re-emergence is not as innocent as it seems… 
Rating: Fiction M – Romance/Suspense. (Dark themes and sexual content).
Words: 46,044

His Guardian Angel

By: shadowxofxdarkness
Summary: Danielle is kidnapped by a man, who only wants an angel to watch him sleep, but the man takes the kidnapping a step further by doing a strange ritual. After Danielle is rescued by the FBI, they make her stay with Dr. Lecter to make sure that her mental state has not been affected. However, they don’t know that it is more than her mental state that has been affected.
Rating: Fiction M – Supernatural/Horror
Words: 8,414

You wrote a fic and you’d like to share it with us? Or maybe suggest a fic that totally terrified you? Let us know by leaving a comment, tweeting us, sending us an ask on Tumblror sending us an email We’re waiting for your suggestions!

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