Hello Fanfic readers!

This week we asked you to choose between F.R.I.E.N.D.S and How I Met Your Mother. There was a tie so we rolled the dice and the winner was F.R.I.E.N.D.S! Don’t worry though, we’re doing HIMYM soon.

  •  I’m No Superman
    By: sue-slyvester-shuffle
    Summary: A regular night out for Chandler and Joey turns interesting when Chandler comes out as gay. Then they get into a bar fight with a stranger. (NO PAIRINGS.)
    Rating: Fiction T – Friendship/Hurt/Comfort
    Words: 2,763
  • Foosball Fun
    By: LivingInADream95
    Joey and Rachel are left alone for the weekend. Joey has a part in a play where he and his co-star have to fool around in a bar and he is nervous to act it out, so Rachel suggests she coaches him through it using the foosball table and things get heated between the two as they act the scene out.

    Rating: Fiction M – Romance/Frienship
  • It’s All The Same
    By: AmericanEulogy
     It’s all the same. All his life, nobody has ever really appreciated Joey because he may not be the smartest. But he has a good heart and kind soul, and it takes true friends to see his true genius. Joey gets upset and the others need to help him. Includes all six of them, but I can only put 4 in the characters here.

    Rating: Fiction K – Hurt/Comfort/Frienship
  • Doing the Right Thing
    By: SomewhereBeyondReality
    Summary: “Why would I be jealous? I’m an engaged woman with my future set and she’s what? A single twenty-something living in the city struggling to figure life out?” Rachel’s thoughts on her meeting with Monica in ‘TOW the Flashback’. Preseries. Monica/Rachel friendship and, if you squint, Pre Mondler.
    Rating: Fiction K – Frienship/Angst
    Words: 1,191
  • From Here to There
    By: iloveromance
    Summary: An AU version of what could have transpired between Monica and Chandler from the time she was mistaken for Ross’ mother to the time they ended up in Chandler’s hotel room together in the episode “The One With Ross’ Wedding.”
    Rating: Fiction T – Friendship/Romance
    Words: 1,440

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