FANFIC FRIDAY: Doctor Who School AUs

FANFIC FRIDAY: Doctor Who School AUs 4

Hello fanfic readers!

Are you excited for the big return of Doctor Who return? We know we are and so we are dedicating this edition of Fanfic Friday to our favourite timelord and his faithful companions. We have gathered 10 brilliant/fantastic/cool Doctor Who School AUs. Enjoy!

School Bullies

By: GroovyKat
SummaryThe Doctor’s son and daughter have a bit of a bullying problem at school. He has to figure out how to deal with it in the most appropriate way…
Rating: Fiction K+ – Family/Hurt/Comfort
Words: 16,820

Fancy Seeing You Here…

By: riversongshair
SummaryAU- Meet two second year University students, Matt and Alex. Both of them doing completely different things. Matt, an English Degree and Alex, an aspiring artist who’s studying Fine Art. Both of them unaware of the others’ existence. But that all changes when a small accident occurs, and fate leading for the two to make an introduction to each other. Maybe not the right one at first, but fate doesn’t seem to leave it at that as the story unfolds…
Rating: Mature – F/M, Fluff, Smut
Words: 27,725

Academy Adventures

By: Fates My Bitch
SummaryBefore there was a Doctor and a Master there were two rebellious teenagers. And like all teenagers they are prone to doing very stupid things when they are bored. Thus begins the crazy adventures of stupid teenagers. 
Rating: Fiction M – Humor, Drugs
Words: 4,780

Time Lord Academy-Doctor Origin

By: Ocean Eyed Redhead
SummaryThe story of the Doctor’s time at Time Lord Academy. In this story you will discover what made the doctor who he is.
Rating: Fiction K+ – Sci-Fi/Romance
Words: 1,237

Two Roads Diverged

By: Celtic Knot
SummaryWith graduation day fast approaching at Prydon Academy, two young Time Lords lay in the tall red grass, staring up at the burnt-orange sky and dreaming of the future. One-shot, Doctor/Master friendship.
Rating: Fiction K+ – Friendship/Hurt/Comfort
Words: 1,090

Doctor Who University

SummaryRose Tyler is still mourning the loss of her beloved mentor when she starts a new semester of classes. Unexpectedly, she develops a strong bond with his replacement – a tall, thin professor with really great hair.
Rating: Fiction M – Romance/Humor
Words: 41,990


By: sammyalex-in-the-snogbox
Summary: College/University AU. The Doctor realized that he didn’t feel so alone once she came into his life. Oneshot turned multichapter, but read as vignettes, the story probably won’t have a true ending.
Rating: Fiction K+ – Romance/Friendship
Words: 10,345

Bad Wolf University

By: Olivia Reed
SummaryRose Tyler was accept to a university most only dream of being a part of. She was handed a over the top room, and weird schedule, and she just trying to understand exactly why they picked her. Her Physics teacher and her are trying to avoid the pull of attraction, but haven’t discovered how deep they are with each other. Familiar faces on board, some nice, some out to get them.
Rating: Fiction T – Romance/Drama
Words: 5,101

Gallifrey College

By: IWantColoredRain
Summary: Regency AU. In the year 1817 Gallifrey College is considered to be one of the finest universities in Britain and teaching there are twelve extraordinary men, but even the finest men have their flaws and story shows you theirs. So come and learn of Dr. C. Baker’s fits of madness, Sir Noble’s improper marriage, Dr. McCoy’s attempts to curtail his wild goddaughter and more.
Rating: Fiction T – Romance
Words: 2,094

So Close To Me

By: TheSmexyDoctor
SummaryDr. John Smith maybe the youngest history teacher in Leadworth High school (well youngest teacher period). Clara Oswald, a brilliant but lazy girl begins to crush on her hot history teacher, But what happens when he begins getting feelings for her? Can he stay away from this girl? Or will their odd connection bring them together? AU, Cursing, Sexual content, drinking. Clara/Doctor.
Rating: Fiction M – Romance/Drama
Words: 24,986

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