Hello, fanfic readers!

Welcome to the last week of Femslash February!

This last edition is dedicated to the interspecies relationship of Jenny/Vastra from Doctor Who. We initially wanted to do an Interspecies Femslash but, unfortunately, there’s just not enough content out there yet :/

We hope you have enjoyed all this femslash! Next month will be… Fluff!

The Adventures of The Masked Lady

By: GreyGhost
Summary: Robbing Banks, Busting Gangs, and Outwitting the Police: Before Madame Vastra and Jenny solved crimes, they committed them…
Rating: Gen
Words: 47,155

The Better Part of Valor

By: sahiya
Summary: Jack investigates a series of curious murders in Victorian London and is surprised by what he finds.
Rating: General Audiences – Victorian, Historical
Words: 1,617

13 Pasternoster Row Oneshots

By: YOLO1882
Summary: A collection of one shots about the Pasternoster Gang and centering around Vastra and Jenny’s relationship. NO ANGST WHATSOEVER…well perhaps just a little it depends. Mainly unconditional fluff 🙂
Rating: Fiction M – Romance/Humor
Words: 35,008

Tea Time

By: gnimaerd
Summary: ‘Have you really been to another planet?’/’I’ve been to three – and a space station.’ A short missing scene from The Snowmen; Jenny makes Clara tea after her encounter with Vastra.
Rating: General Audiences
Words: 1,115


By: cosmic_llin
Summary: Jenny understands that people see what they expect to see.
Rating: General Audiences – Pre-Canon, Gender Related, Crossdressing [Podfic available]
Words: 342

Her Warm Girl

By: Geonn
Summary: Kindness begets kindness, and a simple invitation opens the door to something greater.
Rating: Mature – Pre-Relationship, Romance, Victorian Science Fiction, Missing Scene (6×07)
Words: 3,631

My Beloved Snake, And Said Unto Me

By: El Staplador
Summary: How Jenny and Vastra got married.
Rating: General Audiences – Marriage, Victorian Values
Words: 547


By: gnimaerd
Summary: In which Jenny has a bit of a loyalty!kink and Vastra likes to oblige her. A missing scene from The Snowmen, after Vastra and Jenny encounter Clara for the first time.
Rating: Explicit
Words: 1,193


By: VictorianLesbian
Summary: Jenny has never been afraid of Vastra’s darkness, no matter many signs will remain on her skin.
Rating: Explicit – Dubious Consent, Smut, Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Explicit Sexual Content, Age Difference, PWP
Words: 1,311


By: JustJasper
Summary: Tag for ‘The Crimson Horror’. Vastra reacts to the Doctor kissing Jenny.
Rating: General Audiences – Episode Tag, Established Relationship, Domestic Fluff
Words: 406

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