FANFIC FRIDAY: Doctor Who Christmas Fan Recs

Doctor Who Christmas Fan Recs

Hello fanfic readers!

The winter holidays are finally here! Since there are many Christmas-themed fanfics out there, we have decided to dedicate this month to Christmas fan recs. Even if you don’t celebrate Christmas, this is just a chance to see your favourite characters in cute, fluffy situations and basically being happy before we begin our… Angst January.

With Christmas we often get Doctor Who specials so we decided to start off this month with 10 Doctor Who Christmas fan recs. Enjoy!

Last Christmas

By: Lornesgoldenhair
Summary: Christmas 2013 was a painful one for Clara. In 2014 she was going to make sure that things turned out better for both her and the Doctor but something strange is happening in her flat thats having the oddest effect on both of them. M for sexual content. Whouffaldi. Fluffy sexy oneshot.
Rating: Fiction M – Romance/Humor
Words: 8,378

Christmas Eve with the Ponds

By: savvyliterate
Summary: Amy and Rory told their families they preferred to spend Christmas Eve on their own. They decided to omit the part where they were spending the holiday with their adult daughter and her husband. Eleven/River, Amy/Rory.
Rating: Fiction T – Humor/Romance
Words: 3,351

The Doctor and Clara’s First Christmas

Summary: After a slight misfire, the Doctor lands outside Clara’s house on Christmas Eve, and ends up spending Christmas with Clara, Angie and Artie.
Rating: Fiction K+ – Humor/Romance
Words: 3,949

Doctor Christmas

By: strikingtwelve
Summary: Tumblr Whouffaldi Prompt: The doctor having to dress up as Santa because Clara volunteers him to for a school party and the doctor being bitter about it but doing it because it’s for Clara
Rating: Fiction K+ – Humor/Friendship
Words: 653

I think you need someone to stop you

By: Bolanis
Summary: Poetic stanzas following the downfall of the Tenth Doctor over the Specials Christmas 2008 – New Year 2010.
Rating: General Audiences – Doctor Who Poetry
Words: 81

Battle in the Sky

By: bubblygal92
SummaryTime can be rewritten but not without consequences. When Eleven’s life puts one rewrite too many on the timeline, the reset button gets pushed at a crucial point. Goes AU during The Night of the Doctor. Fix-it fic for the Time War, 50th anniversary and Christmas Special with a Doctor x Rose reunion twist.
Rating: Explicit – F/M, Graphic Depictions of Violence
Words: 144,751

Five Firsts for Jenny and Vastra

By: gnimaerd
Summary‘It’s not proper, Jenny knows – not at all – what they do on the floor of the library by the light of the Christmas tree. Not lady-like, and certainly not something they should be indulging in before they are married. But it’s lovely, all the same.’ First meeting, first blood, first arguement, first kiss, first time. Loosely tied to my previous fic, Hairy Apes and Stubborn Lizards, but smuttier
Rating: Mature – F/F, Smut, First Time
Words: 6,952

Counting Down

By: rudennotgingr
Summary: Rose manages to persuade the Doctor to participate in one holiday event per day, to count down the days till Christmas. Let’s be honest, all she had to do was ask.
Rating: Mature – F/M
Words: 79,444

A Rose Forever After

By: Vampiyaa
Summary: Eleven/Rose; Part One of the Who Holidays series. The Ponds try to figure out what to get a sullen Doctor for Christmas, and Amy manages to wheedle a single muttered sentence from him that sounds suspiciously like he wants a rose. By that notion, the Ponds go to a flower shop and buy a rose, only to run into a certain former companion.
Rating: Explicit – F/M
Words: 9,294

The Paperclip

By: strikingtwelve
Rating: Fiction K+ – Humor
Words: 994

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