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FANFIC FRIDAY: Destiel Coffee Shop AUs


Hello fanfic readers!

We hope you’re having a great week! We are already in mid-November and it’s getting pretty cold out there. After last week’s Olicity Coffee Shop AU success, we are repeating this theme for this month. And, when it comes to Coffee Shop AUs, leave it to the Supernatural fandom. More specifically, the Destiel fandom. That’s right, it’s all about Dean and Castiel today.

You know the drill: get your coffee ready, get comfy and enjoy reading these 10 Destiel Coffee Shop AUs!

Blessed by Loving Gods

By: cautionzombies
Summary: Dean was seventeen, Castiel was nineteen. That was technically illegal, but he tried not to think about that.
Rating: Mature – High School AU, Frottage, Oral Sex
Words: 4,153

Buzzing Neon Lights

By: clautchy
Summary: Coffee shop au. Destiel. After running away from his deeply religious family, Castiel tries to assimilate into the youthful culture of cool and by random happenstances he meets the epitome of dominant masculinity, Dean Winchester. Sometimes, in the cruel normal world, strangers were nice.
Rating: Fiction M – Romance, Drama
Words: 15,659

Christmas, Coffee and Kisses

By: Deanial
Summary: Castiel Novak is painfully oblivious to every Christmas tradition, but he’s even more oblivious of the effect he’s having on Starbucks’ latest customer.
Rating: General Audiences – College/University, Christmas, Fluff
Words: 4,275

I Like You (Like Me)

By: Carmexgirl
Summary: Dean’s the owner of his own pretty successful coffee shop, and he’s absolutely, totally not in love with the hot accountant guy who comes in every day. He’s way out of his league. Isn’t he?
Rating: Explicit – M/M, AU
Words: 11,195

White Winter Hymnal

By: newbluemoon
Summary: Dean hates Christmas, which is why he’s hiding away in a café late at night on Christmas Eve. He never expected to find Castiel there.
Rating: Explicit – M/M, Christmas Fic, Fluff, Hurt/Comfort, First Time
Words: 25,450

Dean Doesn’t Do Coffee Shops

By: orderandlight
Summary: Dean doesn’t think much of coffee shops. But Sam does, and they have a “family reunion” in one, where the barista happens to be a very attractive blue-eyed man.
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences – AU, M/M
Words: 1,166

In a Little Bookshop

By: RRRobin
Summary: Inspired by Good Omens. Where Dean is the demon and Castiel is the angel in a bookshop.
Rating: Mature – AU, M/M, Implied Sexual Content
Words: 4,323

Sing me to Sleep

By: meowmishameow
Summary: It’s the 1980s. It’s the era of rock N roll, leather jackets, and slicked back hair. Dean Winchester, though loving life, is bored. He feels like his life has no meaning, even though he’s a medical student at the small university they have in the corner of town. That is, until he meets a certain boy working at the coffee shop downtown.
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences – M/M, Fluff, Smut
Words: 999

Free to Be You and Me

By: Mishaoverlord
Summary: Coffee Shop!AU and University!AU rolled into one. Castiel Novak is the introverted English Literature major at the University of Kansas. Dean Winchester is the elusive cool guy who happens to work in Castiel’s favourite coffee shop. This is how they meet, and this is how Anna and Crowley play cupid.
Rating: Mature – College/University, M/M
Words: 70,308

Corner of the Universe

By: Asiill
Summary: Castiel owns a little coffee house and is watching a gorgeous, green eyed customer from afar. Can he work up the courage to speak to him? And if he does will he share this little corner of his universe? 
Rating: Fiction M – Romance, Humor
Words: 6,924

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