Fanfic Friday: Crossover Month


Welcome to this Fanfic Friday, readers!

This one is actually going to be a little different, since as you may or may not know June is our Crossover Month here at TDF. And so, here you have ten crossover fanfictions, from all fandoms and with all fandoms, to get into the crossover-y mood.
Now go, and stay up until you hear the birds sing reading, because we all know we do that, come on!

Together We Stand

By: NoSoulSammy
Summary: it’s a series.
Universes: Supernatural/The Walking Dead
Rating: Teen and Up
Words: 2,546

A Lot of Red Leather and a Lot of Smoke

By: howl-to-the-wind
Summary: Derek Hale and Oliver Queen are best friends who work out together once a week at HAO Gym. Stiles Stilinski works the front desk and is convinced they’re together which sucks because he is totally attracted to Derek. Felicity Smoak comes crashing into Stiles’ life and the two instantly become BFFs and bond over their attraction to billionaires who are out of their league.
Universes: Teen Wolf/Arrow
Rating: Teen and Up
Words: 15,209

A Tale of Two Bunkers

By: sandpaperblues
Summary: When Sam and Dean were out working a case, Castiel vanished from the bunker without a trace. The brothers looked everywhere, followed up every possibility, but Cas was simply gone.
Meanwhile, in Sleepy Hollow, Abbie and Ichabod were approached by a man who claimed to be an angel. He arrived with bad news: Ichabod Crane was meant to die in 1781. When he did not, something in Heaven was thrown out of whack. In order to keep existence as they know it from unraveling, Ichabod had to die.
Now, as Dean struggles for a lead in finding Cas, he calls in every hunter he knows. But only two show up: Abbie and Jenny Mills, led to the Winchesters by a map given to them by this mysterious man who claimed to be an angel.
Universes: Supernatural/Sleepy Hollow
Rating: Teen and Up
Words: 27,764

Sherlock the Demon Hunter

By: LadyRa
Summary: Sherlock is in Massachusetts with John who is attending a conference. When he finds Dean Winchester digging a grave, and the game is on.
Universes: Sherlock (BBC)/Supernatural
Rating: General Audiences
Words: 37,381

Friends Forever

By: catfishCaper
Summary: In which Jack, Merida, Hiccup, and Rapunzel play a computer game that destroys the world. It’s okay, though–they have the chance to make a new one. But that’s only if they win.
Universes: Brave/Tangled/Rise of the Guardians/How To Train Your Dragon
Rating: Teen and Up
Words: 69,505

at the center

By: therentyoupay
Summary: Legends and fairy tales, magic and myths, and—at the center of it all—a story of a young, future-Queen and her ageless-Guardian; a girl cursed with fear and a god frozen in time, and all of the reasons why seeing isn’t always at the heart of believing.
Universes: Frozen/Rise of the Guardians
Rating: Mature
Words: 278,719

The Starling Mysteries

By: Lademonessa
Summary: it’s a series.
Universes: Arrow/Batman
Rating: Mature
Words: 882,471

Not Quite The Devil You Know

By: Taranea
Summary: Dean does not appreciate being stuck in London. Anthony J. Crowley does not appreciate being ‘hunted’ by two lunatics. Duke of hell Hastur is extremely annoyed that two strange mortals keep interfering with his plans to get revenge on Crowley himself, and Aziraphale disapproves mildly of the word ‘assbutt’.
Universes: Supernatural/Good Omens
Rating: General Audiences
Words: 47,704

It runs in the Family

By: dettiot
Summary: Felicity Stark is the best of her parents. But becoming vice-president of a brand-new division of Stark Industries and moving to Starling City will test her in ways she never thought possible. Especially when a masked vigilante in green leather crosses her path.
Universes: MCU/Arrow
Rating: Teen and Up
Words: 28,849

Worlds Enough and Time

By: Rainne, secondalto
Summary: Bucky Barnes and his best friend Steve Rogers, along with the rest of the Howling Commandos, boarded a train in the Alps on a hunt for Arnim Zola. By misfortune, Bucky fell from that train, and Steve was unable to save him.
That fall was a fixed point in time; it cannot be changed.
What happened after, though? Well, that can be changed. Especially if you have a TARDIS.
Universes: Doctor Who/MCU
Rating: Teen and Up
Words: 40,769

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