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Just like we did last year, this week’s Fanfic Friday is moved to today in celebration of International Fanworks Day. Continuing with Romance February, given that this is a special occasion, AND Valentine’s Day was yesterday, we decided to make something special: crossover pairings everywhere! Your OTP has never met in canon? Who cares! Today everything’s possible with these 10 crossover romance fics!

A rose in New York

By: silversurfer60
Summary: A Broadchurch/Doctor Who/Castle/Jessica Jones crossover where Rose Tyler is kidnapped in New York by Kilgrave’s henchmen and Pete Tyler enlists the help of his friend, Richard Castle but when after a week, the NYPD has got nowhere, Pete gets Alec Hardy, famous for solving the Broadchurch murder sent over to help find his stepdaughter.
Fandoms: Doctor Who, Broadchurch, Castle, Jessica Jones, Gracepoint
Pairing: Rose Tyler/Kilgrave, Alec Hardy/Rose Tyler
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences – F/M, Multi – AU-Canon Divergence, Crossover, Crossover Pairings, Kidnapping, Drama and Romance, Mind Control, Eventual Romance, Unwanted Pregnancy, Comfort/Angst, Comfort Sex
Words: 189,883

Collison Part III Gravity Pull

By: starkind
Summary: It was not supposed to be this hard. For none of them. There had been a line once; firm, solid. Until it became jagged. And crossed. And all of them had to find out how desperate times called for desperate measures. AU crossover fic, set around (some of) the events during/after IM3 and TDKR.
Fandoms: Iron Man, Batman (Nolan movies), MCU, DCCU
Pairing: Pepper Potts/Bruce Wayne, Pepper Potts/Tony Stark
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences – F/M, Gen, Multi – AU-Fusion, AU-Canon Divergence, Emotional Hurt/Comfort, Emotional Baggage, Emotional/Psychological Abuse, Unresolved Emotional Tension, Angst, Love Triangles, Romantic Friendship, Crossover, Anxiety Attacks, Drama & Romance, Language, Extremis
Words: 81,704

Learn Me Right

By: afterandalasia
Summary: When the Western Clan Alliance visits Arendelle in the name of trade, Elsa is expecting it to be a relatively normal fortnight. It turns out to be far better than that.
Fandoms: Brave, Frozen
Pairing: Elsa/Merida
Rating: General Audiences – F/F – AU-19th Century, Femslash, Politics, Courtship, Ice Skating, Romantic Fluff, Languages, Royalty, Crossover Pairings
Words: 3,904

A Train Car Named Desire

By: pristineungift
Summary: The Ash has heard that a Dark Fae pack of alpha wolves is circling the Hale pack territory. He sends Dyson, Bo, and Kenzi to help Derek Hale, in order to keep Beacon Hills in the hands of Light Fae. Once they get there, Derek’s milkshake brings all the girls to the yard. Or at least Kenzi.
Fandoms: Teen Wolf, Lost Girl
Pairing: Derek Hale/Kenzi, Bo/Dyson
Rating: Mature – Graphic Depictions of Violence – F/M – Crossover, Romance, Humor, Action/Adventure, Case Fic, Pack Dynamics, Mates, Canon-Typical Violence, Mild Sexual Content, Swearing
Words: 12,923

A Debt Owed

By: WhisperingKage
Summary: It had started out oh so innocently, he had been fulfilling a debt, yet it had turned into something much more….
Fandoms: Inuyasha, Twilight
Pairing: Emmett/Kagome/Rose
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences – Multi – Threesome, Humor, Romance
Words: 1,545

The Dragon’s Pet

By: sarhea
Summary: The Valar give Hermione Granger the choice and opportunity to redeem Smaug. She accepts and succeeds. This changes everything.
Fandoms: Harry Potter, The Hobbit
Pairing: Hermione Granger/Smaug, Bilbo Baggins/Thorin Oakenshield
Rating: Explicit – Graphic Depictions of Violence, F/M – Crossover, Drama, Romance, Explicit Sexual Content, Action/Adventure, Voyeurism, Violence, BDSM, Bestiality, Egg Laying, Rough Trade, Female Bilbo
Words: 30,321

Eternal Contemplations

By: fadingtales
Summary: Timing means nothing and everything when you have an eternity to live.
Fandoms: Vampire Diaries, Gossip Girl
Pairing: Damon Salvatore/Blair Waldorf, Katherine Pierce/Damon Salvatore, Nate Archibald/Blair Waldorf, Elena Gilbert/Stefan Salvatore
Rating: F/F, F/M, Multi – Crossover Pairings, Romance, AU-Canon Divergence
Words: 93,637


By: Evandar
Summary: Loki shelters from the rain in a coffee shop run by Harry Potter and somehow manages to change them both forever. – “I’ve been calling you ‘Mr Cappuccino’ in my head all this time; you could have told me your name”-
Fandoms: Harry Potter, The Avengers
Pairing: Loki/Harry Potter
Rating: Crossover Pairings, Angst, Romance
Words: 7,257

Some Time Around Midnight

By: neverending_shenanigans
Summary: Of course Tony Stark takes his newly acquired scientist along for the big party. Of course Darcy has to tag along wherever Jane is going. And of course she is out of place among the rich, beautiful and wealthy. Thank god she has her iPod.
Fandoms: Thor, Batman (Nolan movies)
Pairing: Darcy Lewis/Bruce Wayne
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences – F/M – Attempt at Humor, Romance, Fluff, Crossover
Words: 4,998

This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

By: Tierfal
Summary: The lives of several scholarship students at the multiverse-renowned Crossover University converge, resulting in mass chaos and a great deal of caffeine consumption.
Fandoms: Fullmetal Alchemist, Supernatural
Pairing: Edward Elric/Roy Mustang, Castiel/Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester/Alphonse Elric
Rating: Crack, AU-College/University, Crossover, Hijinks & Shenanigans, Nerdiness, Coffee Shops, Cameos, Humor, Romantic Comedy, Pop Culture
Words: 13,740

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