Fanfic Friday: Crossover June (Orange is the New Black)

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Hello fanfic readers!

Just like we announced, June is our Crossover Month at FANFIC FRIDAY! Today is also a special day: Orange is the New Black Season 3 is finally here! To celebrate, we’ve chosen 5 fanfics that mix Orange is the New Black with other fandoms. How does that sound? 

We know you’ll be busy binge watching Season 3 like crazy but we hope these fanfics can help you overcome that “now what?” feeling you’ll probably get after you’re done with Season 3. Enjoy!

Not Her

By: lizardmm
SummaryFaith’s been transferred from her LA prison to a federal facility in upstate New York. She’s kept her head down and has stayed out of trouble, but a new inmate who reminds her too much of the blonde slayer shakes her resolve. Drabble.
UniversesOrange is the New Black / Buffy: The Vampire Slayer
Rating: Fiction T – Drama
Words: 1,740

let the world gape

By: NickyFox13
Summary: AU crossover crack, in which Dr Horrible gets caught at the end and is sent to complete part of his sentence at Litchfield. A handful of inmates have their own opinions.
UniversesOrange is the New BlackDr Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog
Rating: Fiction T – Crack
Words: 2,204

We don’t need no education

By: SophieDevereauxtoo
SummaryAlex and Parker talk about their pasts and roads not taken.
UniversesOrange is the New Black / Leverage
Rating: Fiction K – Romance/Angst
Words: 856

I’ll miss you much

By: seemenopeu
SummaryPiper and Quinn haven’t been the best of sister’s to one another in the past, so will one announcement mess up their relationship forever? AU, cross-over type thing. One-shot also
UniversesOrange is the New Black / Glee
Rating: Fiction T – Humor/Drama
Words: 4,713

A Touching Story

By: SophieDevereauxtoo
Summary: Alex forgot about Parker’s issues. Can she make it up to her?
UniversesOrange is the New Black / Leverage
Rating: Fiction K – Romance
Words: 2,093

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