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We hope you are ready for some fluffy fluff! Everyone loves Coffee Shop AUs for their OTP so we have decided to focus the remaining weeks of November on that. For this week we have chosen Arrow’s Olicity!

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My Little Corner of the World

By: javajunkie
Summary: When Felicity Smoak randomly helps someone out with computer problems at a coffee shop, she has no idea just how much that single action will change the course of her life.
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences – Romantic Comedy
Words: 62,764

Coffee and Queens

By: WitheredWings
Summary: In which the difficult things in Felicity’s life are adding vanilla syrup to coffee in the coffeeshop, coping with Diggle and Roy’s sassiness, keeping Thea from killing customers and dealing with evil boss Moira. That is, until a handsome stranger decides to make her life even MORE difficult. And dammit, he knows how to sass.
Rating: Fiction T – Romance
Words: 51,626

Of First Meetings and Coffee

By: Officer-Down
Summary: Oliver Queen was eyeing the coffee cup in front of him. Apparently his order had been switched with someone else’s, as the name on the side read ‘Felicity’ in the barista’s handwriting. Meanwhile, Felicity twisted the cup in front of her, wondering who the heck was Julie, and what was her phone number doing on her cup?
Rating: Fiction K+ – Romance
Words: 757


By: katie_049
Summary: “Something clicked, watching this woman prepare his coffee. He wasn’t the type of man who liked to commit, but everything seemed different with the blond woman behind the counter.” After a difficult year, Oliver Queen’s entire life is turned upside down when he meets Felicity Smoak at the coffee shop around the corner.
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences – Fluff
Words: 46,470

Falling in love at a coffee shop

By: ohmypreciousgirl
Summary: In which Felicity owns a coffee shop and Oliver is her loyal customer.
Rating: General Audiences – F/M, AU
Words: 481

Poor Choices, Snow, and a Coffee Shop

By: honorthedeadbyfighting
Summary: Alternate meeting between Oliver and Felicity. Coffee shop AU.
Rating: General Audiences – Fluff, AU
Words: 1,412

It’s Not A War

By: writingramblr
Summary: Oliver Queen has no idea that he’s about to become the hottest piece of realty in a standoff between heaven and hell. Only his soul is at stake, but he might end up losing something else entirely…his heart. Felicity Smoak has been Oliver’s guardian all her life, and his, and she’s not about to let some hot shot demon who thinks he can waltz in and seduce her charge go without a fight…until she realizes he might not be all bad. Tommy Merlyn is used to the easy jobs, and the simple conquests. He’s never picked up a hellion blade in his life. When the guardian angel comes at him swinging, he ducks. But instead of running, he stands his ground.
Rating: Explicit – Major Character Death, AU, Fluff, Crack, Smut, Angels & Demons
Words: 12,615

Of Lattes and New Beginnings

By: mademoiselle-ella
Summary: Oliver Queen returns from the island to become CEO of Queen Consolidated, quickly getting stuck into a mind-numbingly dull routine of work, gym, and trying to patch together pieces of his old social life. It takes him befriending a local barista to really learn how to take risks and shake things up a bit…
Rating: Fiction T – Friendship, Romance
Words: 823

Get Fit (It’ll be Fun, they Said)

By: weonlyliveonce
Summary: Felicity decides to join the gym around the corner from her favorite coffee shop. Because she makes brilliant decisions once in a while and the hot guy she sees at the coffee shop the first time? Well, he’ll make going to the gym totally worth it.
Rating: Not Rated – Coffee Shop/Gym, F/M
Words: 29,153

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