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Here we are once again with some more Christmas fanfic recs! Next Friday will be the last one, and it will also be on Christmas Day! Make sure to send us your suggestions for which fandom would you like to see on that day!

After Doctor Who and Harry Potter, we have chosen How to Get Away with Murder Christmas fan recs for today. Is it even possible for these people to have an actual nice Christmas day together without any murder involved? Let’s find out!

Christmas in Philadelphia

By: jooliewrites
Summary: Oliver bargains with himself to go one more block before calling this whole excursion a wash. It certainly isn’t shaping up be the best Christmas ever but it isn’t like eating by himself in some diner would make the day any merrier. He turns the corner and quite literally runs into him. Connor Walsh. Of course.
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences – M/M, Fluff, Angst, Domestic
: Connor/Oliver
Words: 4,701

Oh, Ho, the Mistletoe

By: kitsunequeen
Summary: “some random creepy stranger at a bar held a mistletoe over you but i kissed you instead” AU
Rating: General Audiences – M/M, Jealousy
: Connor/Oliver
Words: 685

It has to be perfect

By: lightningcanary
Summary: It’s their first Christmas together, actually it’s their fourth real date. It has to be perfect. Prompt: “I tried to woo you by baking Christmas cookies but I didn’T KNOW YOU WERE ALLERGIC TO VANILLA AND NOT I HAVE TO TAKE YOU TO THE HOSPITAL I’M SO SORRY I RUINED YOUR CHRISTMAS”
Rating: Fiction K – Romance  
: Michaela/Laurel
Words: 800

A Christmas To Remember

By: skuttlebug
SummaryOliver meets Connor after work one snowy evening. They decide to go get hot chocolates, and Connor ends up revealing his Christmas present early – not that Oliver is complaining.
Rating: General Audiences – M/M, Fluff
: Oliver/Connor
Words: 1,570

Wrapped Up Tight

By: FreshBrains
Summary“Hey, loser. Got you something.” Lila lingers in the doorway, her smile smarmy and mischievous as usual. She holds a pink tissue-wrapped package in one hand.
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences – F/F, Unrequited Love, Implied/Referenced Drug Usage
: Lila/Rebecca
Words: 544

Making Christmas Memories

By: Macdragon
SummaryConnor and Oliver are stuck in Philadelphia for Christmas, and they decide to celebrate together. Pure fluff.
Rating: General Audiences – M/M, Fluff
: Connor/Oliver
Words: 2,217

Baby, It’s Cold Outside

By: aghamora
SummaryAs it turns out, getting snowed in at the office with Frank makes for the best Christmas Laurel has had in a long time.
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences – F/M, Fluff
: Laurel/Frank
Words: 4,631

Up the Wolves

By: Catwithamauser
SummaryFrank gets an invite to the annual Castillo family Christmas disaster. He uses it as an opportunity to learn more about Laurel through her family. Laurel uses it as an opportunity to stop biting her tongue and start burning some bridges. And enjoys it so much she considers burning everything else to the ground. Or Laurel, her family, the RICO Act, and Christmas in Florida through Frank’s eyes.
Rating: Mature – F/M, Emotional/Psychological Abuse, Christmas Dinner with Family
: Frank/Laurel
Words: 9,316

December 1st

By: skuttlebug
Summary: When Oliver returns home on the afternoon of December 1st, he finds Connor in a somewhat festive mood.
Rating: General Audiences – M/M, Fluff, Some Angst
: Oliver/Connor
Words: 689

A Twisted Christmas Gift (crossover with Teen Wolf)

By: potatofan118
SummaryThey called it a Christmas miracle. Around the time of Christmas, just a bit after, Claudia Stilinski started to get better after being diagnosed with a fatal case of dementia. Ever since then, every Stilinski has been a lot more particular about celebrating family time during Christmas and have henceforth started the tradition of a huge Christmas party. This wasn’t the first year that they invited the Pack along to the party, but this is the first year Derek showed up. And because Stiles’ life is so ever unfair, Stiles’ giant crush on the Alpha is flaunted and exploited by his oh-so-fricken-dead older brother, Connor… Well that’s what it seems like, anyway.
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences – M/M, AU-Canon Divergence, Jealousy, Christmas Party, Light Angst
: Connor/Derek, Derek/Stiles
Words: 1,099

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