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Summer moves on, September is here, and it’s time to go back to class. But fear not, FANFIC FRIDAY’s here to deliver 5 weeks of School AU recs to make your back-to-school transition easier. For the first week we have chosen MARVEL’s Avengers, because being a super hero is cool and all, but what would Thor or Tony Stark do in high school?

Remember you can send us your requests and recommendations for next week. For now, enjoy these 10 Avengers School AUs!

You Stand Alone to Every  Record I Own

By: thatdamneddame
Summary: Bucky Barnes is eighteen, a senior in highschool, and totally in love with his best friend. It’s okay. He’ll either get over it or sleep with every hipster twink in college who’s in a band. At least, that’s what Natasha says.
Pairing: Bucky Barnes/Steve Rogers
Rating: General Audiences – M/M – AU-High School, Getting Together
Words: 7,341

The Only Hope For Me Is You

By: foxxcub
Summary: Of course Phil would get into Harvard; he was the valedictorian, student body president, honor society treasurer—it would’ve been a damn miracle if he hadn’t gotten in. In the meantime, Clint had two years of high school left, and Phil was just going to be…gone.
Pairing: Clint Barton/Phil Coulson
Rating: Mature – Underage – M/M – AU-High School, Pining
Words: 11,650

All That Tomorrow Brings

By: YourFavoriteRobot
Summary: Captain America is a seventeen year old Tony Stark’s idol. Steve Rogers is his art history teacher. (Set in Iron Man: Armored Adventures ‘verse but should be accessible as a high school AU to anyone who hasn’t seen it)
Pairing: Steve Rogers/Tony Stark
Rating: Mature – M/M – AU-High School
Words: 37,569

When they finally come to destroy the earth (they’ll have to through you first)

By: AlchemyAlice
Summary: In which Tony Stark went to boarding school with Bruce Wayne, and the road to becoming a superhero is not smooth.
Pairing: Steve Rogers/Tony Stark
Rating: General Audiences – Gen – Crossover (Justice Leage, Batman Begins), Phone Calls & Telephones, Boarding School, Drunk Dialing

Neanderthals In Tights (Also Known As a Football Game)

By: Wordsplat
Summary: In which Tony supports Steve at his first big football game, with guest appearances by an exasperated Pepper and an embarrassed Bruce, because yeah, okay, maybe Tony’s not really one hundred percent clear on the rules of this game. Why, exactly, are a bunch of neanderthals tackling his boyfriend again?
Pairing: Steve Rogers/Tony Stark
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences – M/M – AU-High School, Established Relationship, Humor, Fluff
Words: 3,228

And Then There’s You

By: someonelseheart
Summary: And it’s funny that they’re like this, isn’t it, because there’s Tony, too-clever and too-fast, always having to be moving, selfish and desperate and cruel, and then there’s Steve with his kindness, his slow smile and his patience, selfless and calm and kind to everything and everyone. They’re fire and ice, good and bad, and somehow, somehow, it works. Or, Steve Rogers teaches Tony Stark how to love, one year at a time.
Pairing: Steve Rogers/Tony Stark, Pepper Potts/Tony Stark
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences – M/M, F/M – AU-High School, Humor, Fluff, Slash, AU-No powers
Words: 5,933

Love, Lust, Temptation and Sin

By: wicked_writings
Summary: What else is a big brother for, than to lend a hand when necessary??
Pairing: Loki/Thor
Rating: Explicit – Underage – M/M – Smut, Incest, AU-Modern Setting, AU-High School
Words: 2,269

Falling Hard is Never Painless

By: Tonys_Loki
Summary: For Tony Stark it all started at Freshman Orientation. He had never given Thor’s little brother much thought before, but there is something about him their senior year that is different, and Tony is determined to find out what.
Pairing: Loki/Tony Stark
Rating: Explicit – M/M – Romance, Drama, AU-High School
Words: 127,807

and so it grows

By: hoosierbitch
Summary: High School!AU in which Phil is trying so hard to step up and be the man of the house, but his mom is more than capable and just wants him to spend time with that nice Clint boy she knows Phil is crushing so hard on.
Pairing: Clint Barton/Phil Coulson
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences – Gen, M/M – Circus, Mourning, Love Through Food, Parenting Right, Parenting Wrong, AU-High School
Words: 5,024

If At First

By: kellifer_fic
Summary: Where Tony is stupid and Steve has been waiting for a long time.
Pairing: Steve Rogers/Tony Stark
Rating: Mature – M/M – AU-College/University
Words: 10,115

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