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It’s the last friday of September and therefore the last friday of School AUs. Can you guess what the theme for October will be?

In this last edition we bring you 10 anime school AUs. Enjoy!

One Piece Academy

By: Yasaonna-Chan
SummaryOne Piece Academy, an academy founded by Gol D. Roger! Follow everyone’s daily school life! With humour, drama, romance and friendship! Contains: LuffyxNami, NojikoxAce, KayaxUsopp, ShanksxMakino and RobinxZoro.
Rating: Fiction T – Romance, Friendship
One Piece
Words: 68,482

A Ninja’s Guide to Surviving High School

By: JA-Japster
SummaryRomance! Action! Dating! Deception! Sexual tension! It would be a typical high school experience if not for one thing: all your friends are ninjas and an evil group of renegade ninjas want you dead.
Rating: Fiction T – Adventure, Romance
Words: 261,112

School of Gintama

By: bubbleteadesu
Summary: Two ficlets set in the Class Z-Verse, feat. Okita/Kagura and Gin/Hijikata
Rating: Fiction T 
Words: 1,167

CardCaptor Sakura: Trouble in High School!

By: Lucky Jinxe
SummaryMark II . Sakura is now in 8th grade. Nothing much has happened since the Clow Card ‘The Hope’ was sealed. Li Shaoran returned to Hong Kong after the event but has now returned to join Sakura in High School. But things won’t be so easy for the couple.
Rating: Fiction T – Mystery, Romance
 CardCaptor Sakura
Words: 47,476

Against the Tide

By: Turbotail88
SummaryKrista is a new student at Rose Academy and is confronted with the dilemma of adjusting to a new environment. However, she ends up bumping into the outcast of the school, Ymir, seconds after arriving. With harsh rumours surrounding her background, Krista makes it her duty to befriend Ymir and uncover her past while hiding her own secrets. Highschool AU, yuri, Ymir/Krista (Collab)
Rating: Fiction T – Romance, Drama
 Attack on Titan
Words: 138,654

Amestris Alchemy Academy

By: manga-neko-96
SummaryEd and Al have to return to school after gaining back their bodies. Al wants to experience the childhood he never enjoyed, and Ed just wants to get the hell out of there! Ed regains his alchemy, but the two can’t let anyone know that their are in the military. What could possibly be in store for the two brothers? Hilarity ensues! 
Rating: Fiction T – Humor
 Fullmetal Alchemist
Words: 18,297

Cigarette Teeth

By: hisokun
SummaryHisoka is an art student driven by his own interests in painting; but with his remarkable talent of Van Gogh, even his art teacher recognises his potential. Illumi is a freshman pre-law student, his entire being controlled and subdued by his family; as the next heir to his family’s well-known law firm, he carries the burden of their expectations. Enticed by Hisoka’s freedom, Illumi agrees to be his friend. But Hisoka never thought that one man could bring so much pain.
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences – M/M, Angst, Fluff
 Hunter x Hunter
Words: 148,124

Sports Girl

By: Moi-Master
Summary: The Sabertooth and Fairy Tail, were the last teams in the annual High School Football nationals. Number 41,defense and offense in Sabertooth, took off her helmet at the end of the games, when the Fairies won, what they didn’t know that she was a girl. Later, she was transferred to FTA, what will happen? 
Rating: Fiction T – Romance, Friendship
 Fairy Tail
Words: 21,227

A Blast From the Past

By: Shadow at Midnight
Summary: Princess Euphemia wants to reward Suzaku for both giving her a tour of the Tokyo Settlement and saving her life. Noting his age she opts to send him to school as his reward and on a whim decides to visit the one she chose to ensure it is all it promises to be. Ashford Academy is in for it.
Rating: Fiction T – Family, Friendship
 Code Geass
Words: 4,678


By: Kinsler5
Summary: Soul starts to show an interest in Maka Albarn, a nerdy girl that thinks only about school, for his own amusement; a bet to make her fall in love with him. But instead, he is the one that ends up falling for her. That’s how everything got started. 
Rating: Fiction T – Romance, Hurt, Comfort
 Soul Eater
Words: 299,481

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