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Welcome to another edition of Fanfic Friday! We are still in July which means that we are still celebrating Male Slash. Today we bring you 10 different fanfics featuring anime male slash. We hope you enjoy them and have an awesome weekend!

Baker’s Dozen

By: mylilchickadee
Summary: In the aftermath of war, Sasuke struggles to deal with his new life while Naruto struggles to deal with him. Love, friendship, and baking.
Fandom: Naruto Shippuden
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences – Angst, Drama, Romance
Words: 24,820

A Multitude of Drops

By: till_owlyglass
Summary: Ever since the beginning of time, Marco Bodt and Jean Kirschstein have been doomed soulmates – in every reality out there, either Jean or Marco meets an untimely death or they were unable to meet/know one another and live their whole lives knowing something (someone) is missing. They are eternally star-crossed in all realities. Except one.
Fandom: Attack on Titan
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences – Major Character Death, AU
Words: 4,422

Interested in Learning More

By: Shadow_of_Quill
Summary: Light isn’t asexual. He just has… unusual interests. And Ryuuzaki is very observant.
Fandom: Death Note
Rating: Explicit
Words: 1,268

Truthfully Yours

By: kurokobun
Summary: Kagami and Kuroko discovers they cannot lie to each other in a world where lying to your soul mate is literally impossible.
Fandom: Kuroko no Basket
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences – Fluff, Romance
Words: 2,462


By: Stark_Black
Summary: Sanji has been in a coma for eleven months, but he’s lost his memory of the past two years. Now, he doesn’t remember Zoro, or the life the two of them had built together.
Fandom: One Piece
Zoro/Sanji, Law/Kid
Rating: Explicit – Angst, Romance, Smut
Words: 174,874

In This Shaken, Twisted World (recently started)

By: themultifandomnerd
Summary: Gangs. Every city had one, and in the underground gangs were a prominent lifestyle and the only way you left was in a body bag. It was ruthless, it was cutthroat, and it wore a person down. Even the Eyepatch– a legend in the underground who rode the storm till the bitter, chaotic end. “It was all for my mother.” He said with a broken, dead expression as he remembered everything and everyone. Hide, his gang, and the sex, lies, and guns and the pain that was a constant reminder you were alive– and that that was a good thing.
Fandom: Tokyo Ghoul
 Kaneki/Hide, Kaneki/Kirishima, Amon/Mado
Rating: Explicit – Angst, Sex, Drugs, Violence
Words: 1,047

But I can, with you

By: queensguardian
Summary: Nagisa finds himself faced with something he never expected would happen to him. In the wake of this trauma, he doesn’t know who to turn to–but Rei just stumbles his way into Nagisa’s heart anyway.
Fandom: Free!
Rating: Mature – Past Rape/Non-Con, Fluff, Angst
Words: 8,495

Always Here For You

By: Kajune
Summary: Shizuo gets a sudden call in the middle of the night from a terrified Izaya. Without hesitation, he rushes over to see his dear beloved.
Fandom: Durarara!!
Rating: General Audiences – Established Relationship, Comfort
Words: 929

the only proof that i need is you

By: pixiegold
SummaryGray and Natsu go to a fair and get their fortunes told. Will they take the fortune tellers advice?
Fandom: Fairy Tail
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences – Fluff, Angst, Humor, Emotionlally Repressed
Words: 2,983

the bad pick-up line

By: readbooksfindmagic123
Summary: Kuroo totally embarrasses himself when he accidentally let one of his bad pick-up lines slip. In his defense, his flatmate was really hot.
Fandom: Haikyuu!!
Rating: Not Rated
Words: 368

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