FANFIC FRIDAY: Anime Crossover


Hello fanfic readers!

It’s still Crossover June here at TDF (you can check the previous recs here and here). Today we’re doing a special edition: anime crossover! We’ve got the Avengers in MARVEL, but have you ever thought what it would be like to see Goku, Luffy, Naruto, Ichigo and Natsu fighting together? Or what about a high school AU with all of these characters mixed? We’re here to bring you 5 fanfics where you can read that! We hope you enjoy them and have a great weekend!

The FMA Gang goes through the Book of Eibon

By: RussianMochi
Summary: This is just the journey through The Book of Eibon rewritten with FMA characters. Partial Crack. Contains spoilers for SE manga. Don’t own cover pic. T for Chapter of Lust stuff.
Universes: Fullmetal Alchemist | Soul Eater
Rating: Fiction T
Words: 1,938

Arrival of Hope

By: Yoshi forever 52
SummaryThis time Itachi didn’t kill his clan causing a chain of horrible events and causing the leaf’s destruction. With little hope even Naruto started to give up until a miracle came and his name was Monkey D. Luffy.
Universes: Naruto | One Piece
Rating: Fiction T – Tragedy/Friendship
Words: 1,888

SS Rated

By: StgMc98
Summary: AU/Crossover One-shot. Instead of grabbing the Haunted Island job, Happy mistakenly grabs a job called Ghoul Abatement, resulting in two Fairy Tail mages arriving in 21st Century Tokyo with one target: The Eyepatch.
Universes: Fairy Tail | Tokyo Ghoul
Rating: Fiction T – Fantasy/Adventure
Words: 8,935

Chasing After Scars

By: Thoughtful Tikal
SummaryGohan meets a girl from Grass Park City and gets dating advice sent to him from a divorced parent, meanwhile another girl secretly loves him. Could things get anymore complicated?
Universes: Sailor Moon | Dragon Ball Z
Rating: Fiction K+ – Adventure/Drama
Words: 32,272

Targeted host club

By: MNLMFangirl
SummarySomeone has the Death note and is using it to kill the host club. Can they catch whose doing this before the person destroys the host club? Why is this person doing this? Will the host club ever find out the truth or will it remain an unsolved mystery murders? Warning: Yaoi, Depression, death slash murder, some violence and small hint of yuri. Rated T for safety.
Universes: Death Note | Ouran High School Host Club
Rating: Fiction T – Drama/Supernatural
Words: 13,632

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