Hello fanfic readers!

This week we bring you 5 awesome fanfics for The Flash, one of the most voted options in our past poll. We also chose this series given that next week is the season finale. We found some fics for you to read while you wait for Tuesday. 

Enjoy these fanfics and have a great weekend!

  • And I’m Crashing Into You

    By: poisonivory
    Summary: Cisco fixes things that are broken, like super-suits and hearts. It’s what friends do, right?

    Rating: Explicit – M/M, Barry Allen/Cisco Ramon
    Words: 19,750

  • i: burn your bridges

    By: unholyconfessions
    Summary: Barry doesn’t get why he’s often—always, really—included in that scenario, but he is. Eddie seems to appreciate their time together, even though he mostly talks about unsolvable cases at work, which only serves to get him angrier. Sometimes, he delves into the subject of Iris, and Barry almost feels sorry for the punching bag.

    Rating: Teen and Up Audiences – M/M, F/M, Friendship/Love
    Words: 1,687

  • Not Worth It

    By: zaquin
    Summary: Episode 7. Harrison cares about Barry and put himself in harms way to protect him. Barry wants to know why.

    Rating: Explicit – M/M, First Time
    Words: 2,166

  • five times barry felt (and then some)

    By: flashgustin (gamblestache)
    Summary: In some schools of thought, feelings and emotions aren’t exactly interchangeable: the feeling is the thing you feel, and the emotion is the thing you feel, plus the thing that made you feel it, and all the great and terrible circumstances involved. The first time he experiences emotions after that night, like big serious feelings, except without crying and nightmares and screaming at Joe because he can’t go see his Dad, Barry is twelve years old.

    Rating: General Audiences – F/M, Gen, M/M
    Words: 3,599

  • Stay With Me (Crossover with Arrow)

    By: shannyfish
    Summary: Three years later and the team is still looking for Felicity.

    Rating: Teen and Up Audiences – F/M, Gen
    Words: 13,690

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