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Fanfic Friday: 5 Jessica Jones Fic Recs (Watch JJ on Netflix Now!)

Welcome to Fanfic Friday, everyone! With the new season of Jessica Jones coming out today, why not have a Fanfic Friday dedicated just to our main girl, JJ. If you are too busy watching JJ that is okay, come back to these after you have finished. Some great Jessica Jones fic recs are coming your way! Today’s #FF will only be 5 fic recs because of curse you want to spend your time watching JJ, which in that case is okay. We will cut you some slack.

1. mixers, my love

Summary: “Trish,” Jess says, against her better judgment, because Jessica Jones makes bad decisions. “If you ever need a fake date for a wedding to piss off these losers? Just make sure there’s an open bar and I’m there.”
Rating: Teen +
Words: 3041

2. I Walk Alone

Summary: In a whirlwind of events, Jessica Jones’ life is turned upside down when she signs a temporary contract with Tony Stark who is in need of a Private Investigator with a little something extra. She finds herself investigating a murder of epic proportions.
Rating: Teen +
Words: 8043

3. The Encore – Chapter 1

Summary: POST DEFENDERS. Jessica Jones thinks Matt Murdock is dead. His return to New York will put into motion a fight for the neighbourhoods they live in, the people they love, and the beginnings of a relationship that’s equal parts dark and beautiful. She’s wit and strength. He’s wisdom and discipline. Together they will work to save the city again and each other. This is their encore.
Rating: Mature
Words: 39880

4. Finding the Truth

Summary: Karen Page hires Jessica Jones to help her find the truth about her past.
Rating: Teen +
Words: 6847

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