Welcome to Fanfic Friday, everyone! This week we have 5 HTGAWM fic recs for you. With the midseason premiere unveiling Thursday night, what better to celebrate than with some fics?

1. Let Me Love Your Ice Cold Heart

Summary: There are 3 rules for Connor after his boyfriend broke his heart; 1. It’s just sex, 2. No feelings, 3. No more boyfriends. But what if he meets someone who’s gonna turn his world a little upside down?
Rating: Mature
Words: 4349

2. Glad I Didn’t Need to Wait Long

Summary: Laurel dies in childbirth, the baby lives, and Wes and Laurel are reunited in death.
Rating: Teen +
Words: 331

3. No Light, but Rather, Darkness Visible

Summary: “You say you love me, right? Then come back inside.” Filling in the missing scene from 3×08 and the flashback in 4×05. Or, Frank shows up unexpectedly and Laurel can’t resist him for very long.
Rating: Explicit
Words: 4548

4. Strange Wind All Full

Summary: It’s easier than he expected, so much harder than he expected. No one knows him, no one knows he’s connected to the tiny boy with the stuttering breath, the tubes and wires, and monitors snaking out of him like so many alien creatures. No one cares that his father to a dead, a dying child. And, no one gives him a second glance. Or, Frank in the hospital. Post 4×08
Rating: Teen +
Words: 29787

5. you’re already home (where you feel love)

Summary: Wes finds he’s not the only one awake at three in the morning.
Rating: Teen +
Words: 1135

You wrote a fic and would like it to appear on Fanfic Friday? Or maybe you want to suggest a fic you loved? If so, let us know by leaving a comment down below, tweeting us, sending us an ask on Tumblr or emailing us!