Welcome back to Fanfic Friday, everyone! Since it’s the holiday season, our focus for this month’s fic recs are going to be centered during the holidays. More specifically, we’ve curated ten Winteriron holiday fics just for you! We hope that you enjoy these Winteriron fics and that you have a grand holiday season!

1. Winteriron: Once Upon a Wintertime

By: iam93percentstardust

Summary: Look, Bucky knows that he’s fulfilling every cliché in the book right now. He knows that, as a bodyguard, he’s not supposed to fall in love with his client. But Tony’s good and sweet and so, so lonely and how could Bucky not? He thinks he’s got a shot after Tony breaks up with his boyfriend but on a trip across the country, he finds out that Tony needs a bondmate or the board will steal SI—and Ty’s already said yes.

Rating: Explicit

Words: 18,661

2. The Mistletoe Kiss Polka

By: RayShippouUchiha

Summary: “That’s a damn shame,” Tony says, voice practically dripping with insincerity. He has zero interest in playing whatever party game Wilson’s come up with in order to try and boost team morale.

Tony already knows how well that particular situation would likely play out if he was involved.

“They engaged in the game known as Secret Santa,” FRIDAY keeps going. “Since you were not available the last name in the pot was to be assigned to you automatically.”

“Of course it was,” Tony waves a hand absently in the air around him. “Look FRI you can pick whatever for whoever I’m getting saddled with and be done with it. Just … throw some money at them or something. I don’t actually care.”

“Actually, Boss,” FRIDAY cuts in. “I believe you’re going to want to handle this one on your own.”

Rating: Mature

Words: 11,129

3. Kiss and Tell

By: ali_aliska

Summary: Loki is a menace who doesn’t take time off for the holidays and there is now an enchanted mistletoe popping up above Tony every time someone gets too close, keeping them stuck until they share a kiss.

Thankfully, the Avengers are an affectionate bunch and any kiss will do, so Tony isn’t stressing out about it, really. Well, except for the part where the one person he really wants to kiss has been avoiding him like the plague, even before the whole mistletoe business. Clearly Tony has ruined his friendship with Bucky somehow and he should just give up on his dumb crush and this is just the worst Christmas ever.


Bucky Barnes would really just like for the rest of the Avengers to stop kissing the man of his dreams, the man he realized he’s in love with, all the time, all over the Tower, while looking Bucky straight in the eye.

Rating: Teen+

Words: 7,609 (WIP)

4. The Christmas Unicorn

By: 27dragons & tisfan (with bonus fanart embedded by monobuu)

Summary: Tony doesn’t begrudge anyone else their enjoyment of the holiday season; he just wants to be left out of it. He’s never really seen the point. Bucky’s usually all for it, but a disaster at work that forced him to cancel his plans to travel with his family have left him feeling a little curmudgeonly. The two meet and bond over their shared lack of interest in the holidays. When Tony unexpectedly finds himself taking care of a pair of kids who rather emphatically expect Christmas to be Done Right, he finds himself turning to Bucky for help.

Rating: Excplicit

Words: 32,138

5. knit happens

By: imposterhuman

Summary: Bucky didn’t consider himself particularly murderous (anymore), but if one more person asked what he was doing, he was going to shove a knitting needle through their eye.

Maybe both eyes, if they were irritating enough. It wasn’t his fault that HYDRA didn’t teach its assassins how to knit. Bucky added it to his list of reasons to hate them as he tried to untangle another snarled knot of yarn. He wasn’t sure how he’d screwed it up that time; all he knew was that if he didn’t figure it out soon, he wouldn’t be able to give the scarf to Tony for Christmas.

Rating: General

Words: 1,293

6. Problems

By: Hippiebuckyharrington

Summary: Tony Stark is really too busy to be stuck in the mountains, let alone stuck in the mountains with the Winter Soldier of all people. But Hydra just had to go and make threats and ruin everyone’s good time. The real kicker? There is only one bed. Which isn’t a problem, a couch is fine, and they are both adults who can take turns. Except then it snows, and all heat and power in their shitty little cabin cut out. Whatever will Winteriron do?!

Rating: Teen+

Words: 27,750

7. Winteriron: Bean & Gone

By: Iron_Eirlyssa (Eirlyssa)

Summary: Bucky had decided to work on Christmas, giving his employees the day off while he manned the counter of his coffee shop. Tony had also decided to work on Christmas. When Pepper disagreed with the idea, he dragged his laptop to a nice-looking coffee shop that would keep him provided with everything he needed to do what he wanted to do, and perhaps a little more.

Rating: General

Words: 1,060

8. oh my friend, we’ve had our hopes and fears

By: Fluffypanda

Summary: The Avengers spend Christmas with the Barton’s and Tony ends up handcuffed to the last person he should be spending time with: Bucky Barnes.

Rating: Teen+

Words: 5,502

9. You Light Up My World, Darling

By: ali_aliska

Summary: Bucky comes back from a mission, just days before Christmas, to find Tony in the workshop, tangled up in wires and Christmas lights, which means his next mission is rescuing his sleep-deprived husband and getting him to bed for a good night’s sleep.

Bucky can’t think of a better way to celebrate coming home.

Rating: Teen+

Words: 7,520

10. Winteriron: The Nutcracker

By: justanotherpipedream

Summary: Steve slid the contract across the desk, underlining the details with his pen. “The Maria Stark Foundation puts together their holiday benefit every year to raise money for St. Jude’s Children Hospital. Since it’s the 10th year anniversary for the gala, Tony wanted to put together a special performance with the NYC Ballet..”

a.k.a. The one where Bucky is a ballet dancer, Tony is a pianist, and The Nutcracker is performed.

Rating: Teen+

Words: 3,216

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