Fanfic Friday: 10 Wayhaught Fic Recs


It’s another #FF! With the official premiere of season 3 of Wynonna Earp tonight, here are ten Wayhaught fic recs. If you love Nicole and Waverly as much as us, this is sure to fill all of your Wayhaught needs while we wait for new episodes (and more adorable bedroom scenes) each week.

Credit: Wynonna Earp; SyFy 2018.

1. i try to work up the courage (to kiss the bottom half of her face)

by: lvckypeople
Summary: Season one AU where Nicole and Waverly are soulmates who are seeing colour for the first time now that they have found each other.
Rating: Mature
Words: 5906

2. Pull Me Out Of The Dark

by: Half
Summary: AU where Waverly and Nicole are college professors at the same university and teach across the hall from each other. Except it’s awkward because they hooked up in the copy room during Nicole’s first department holiday party.
Rating: Teen +
Words: 29135

3. it feels good, girl (oh to be alone with you)

by: falsealarm
Summary: Waverly goes over to Nicole’s to use the shower but gets much more then she expected.
Rating: Explicit
Words: 2402

4. it’s like i wrote every note with my own fingers

by: gilliankane
Summary: Part one of the ‘you can tell everybody this is your song’ series. An 80s high school AU where Nicole is Wynonna and Waverly’s childhood best friend. The young Officer Haught is very much in love with Waverly, who thinks she’s straight but is clearly not. Includes playlists and 80s nostalgia.
Rating: Mature
Words: 46539

5. Waverly’s Day Off

By: confusednerdling
Summary: One of the cutest one-shots ever. When Waverly gets the day off, Nicole takes her to a fair and is beyond adorable.
Rating: General Audiences
Words: 1038

6. One-Eighty

by: sensitive_pigeon
Summary: AU where Waverly and Nicole are astronauts living on Mars completely alone for 180 days. They are set with the task of maintaining a new base on Mars, while they wait for the next mission to arrive. This would be much easier if they didn’t drive each other insane.
Rating: Mature
Words: 82035

7. Keep the tie on

by: Lenna
Summary: Nicole got a new uniform. With a tie. Waverly has an interesting reaction.
Rating: General Audiences
Words: 3521

8. Falling in Love at a Coffee Shop

by: Ekhwanders
Summary: Nicole lied to her perfect little sister about being in a relationship and now needs to convince Waverly to be her fake girlfriend. Turns out it is not super difficult to convince Waverly.
Rating: Explicit
Words: 51042

9. Beer Pong

by: confusednerdling
Summary: College AU one-shot where Wynonna and Nicole are roommates. Wynonna being Wynonna drags Nicole to a party where she meets Waverly who discovers the morning after they hook up that she is both her roommate’s sister but also her TA.
Rating: Teen +
Words: 3521

10. Open Range Hearts

By: thewaywedo33
Summary: A Cattle Ranch AU where Nicole gets a job on the Earp Ranch and immediately falls for one of her bosses, Waverly. Always the professional, Nicole tries to ignore her feelings which turns out to be very difficult.
Rating: Mature
Words: 75578

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