Fanfic Friday: 10 Stuckony Fic Recs


Welcome back to Fanfic Friday, everyone! Today, our focus is going to be on a favorite poly ship of mine: Stuckony, or WinterIronShield! For those not familiar with either ship name, that is James “Bucky” Barnes/Tony Stark/Steve Rogers. If you’re a fan of Stuckony, these fic recs will be sure to make your heart soar. If you’ve never read any Stuckony fics before, then these ten fics are a good place to start! Alright, enough chitter-chatter, let’s jump in!

Stuckony kissing and cuddling.
The adorable Stuckony. (Fan art credit: latelierderiot on Tumblr)

1. Hide A Heart of War

By: RayShippouUchiha


“You’ve got war in your heart boy,” Howard sneers, “don’t ever try and pretend to be anything but what you are.”

Tony feels the familiar burn of a flower mark being etched into his skin but he doesn’t look, doesn’t try and check to see what it is. Instead, he keeps his eyes on Howard and his hands cupped around his bleeding mouth and nose.

Rating: Teen+

Words: 13,617

2. Break In

By: TenSpencerRiedPlease

Summary: Scott Lang, at least, understood why Tony hated this stupid job so damn much. He had a Masters degree in engineering but Tony was working on a PhD. Unfortunately for him even with his previous experience and schooling- good schooling- he was stuck working in a knockoff version of McDonald’s meets Subway.

At least he works there until he meets Steve and Bucky.

Rating: Not Rated

Words: 7,154

3. Because the Car is Sentient

By: SkywardGeek

Summary: Transparent friends, Jocks, Bullies, days feeling twice as long with everything you have to get done.

Just a normal secondary school experience, right?

Rating: Not Rated

Words: 85,883 (Work In Progress)

4. The thing is

By: curiousbees (orphan_account)

Summary: Falling in love can be hard enough to deal with on its own. Falling in love when you are a recently-reintegrated superhero, who spent the past 70 years as a brainwashed HYDRA assassin, is a bit tricky. It gets trickier when the person you’re in love with is a genius, billionaire, philanthropist, superhero. It’s just messy when said person is Captain America’s boyfriend.

But Bucky’s handling things fine. He’s fine.

Rating: Mature

Words: 20,994

5. Carrier

By: just_another_tinker

Summary: Tony swept his gaze over the jacket. It was well used, heavily worn down, but not in a bad way. The fabric felt softened over years of use, and the slight discolorations seemed to suit it. Tony could see the marks left over from the previous owners. A small patch, sewn perfectly in neat little stiches on the inside breast pocket screamed of Steve’s steady hands, while the fraying on tails remained as evidence of Bucky’s impatient tugging.

Or, Steve and Bucky gift Tony with their jacket that survived from the 1940’s.

Turns out that wasn’t the only thing that survived.

Rating: Explicit

Words: 48,584

6. Wild Horses Couldn’t

By: sahiya

Summary: Steve looked out the window of the Quinjet, expecting to see Tony standing on the landing platform, hand raised in greeting.

But Tony wasn’t there. Natasha was. And the look on her face made Steve’s blood freeze.

Rating: General

Words: 11,330

7. Untitled Stuckony Guardian Angel/Demon AU

By: summerpipedream

Summary: It’s my birthday today, so I’d thought I’d celebrate with you all and share this stuckony guardian angel/demon au. If you’re interested in more, let me know! This is a bit long, so mobile users beware the read more – enjoy!

Rating: Not Rated

Words: 1,537

8. The Iron Magnolia

By: justanotherpipedream

Summary: On the streets of New York, a quiet war brews. With his faithful werewolf bodyguard Yasha by his side, Tony leads his loyal Iron Knights from the shadows, hidden behind the smoky haze of the Iron Magnolia speakeasy. Everything is business as usual until one day, Detective Steve Rogers stumbles in and demands an audience with Tony.

While internal chaos erupts within the police department, the supernatural underbelly of the city fights its own war. Loyalties are tested and the line between friend and foe becomes more indistinguishable day-by-day as Tony, Yasha and Steve struggle to discover the hidden truth beyond the bright neon lights.

Rating: Mature

Words: 14,280 (Work In Progress)

9. Love is Right Next Door

By: Dweebo

Summary: I got a prompt a while back about Omega Tony having Alpha Steve and Alpha Bucky living next door to him and love ensuing so here it is!

“Rhodey I have an extremely important question.”

Tony whispered into the phone after Steve left the next morning.

“What is it this time?”

Rhodey sighed.

“Do you think it’s impossible to be in love with two people at a time?” Tony rushed out, biting his lip.

Rating: Not Rated

Words: 6,871

10. Untitled Stuckony Prompt

By: AurumAcadicus

Summary: “We’re in an abandoned lodge in the middle of nowhere. Sure, you’re totally right, nothing bad could ever happen here.”

Rating: Not Rated

Words: 1,635

You wrote a fic and would like it to appear on Fanfic Friday? Or maybe you want to suggest a fic you loved? If so, let us know by leaving a comment down below, tweeting us, sending us an ask on Tumblr, or emailing us!

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