Fanfic Friday: 10 Lucifer Fic Recs


Welcome to Fanfic Friday, everyone! With the unfortunate and recent news of Lucifer, we want to celebrate him in a better light. We want to recommend some fic recs for you on this fine Friday. Today we have 10 Lucifer fic recs, they will be all sorts of fic recs, but mostly pertaining to the TV series that was just canceled on Fox. So, without further ado, let’s jump right into them!

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1. Little Lucifer

Summary: Post 2×15. Chloe Decker is just starting to feel like she has gotten to know Lucifer Morningstar, but after Lucifer gets a visitor she realizes that there is an entire side to her partner that she’s never seen.
Rating: 87724
Words: Teen +

2. Morningstar’s Excellent Adventures

Summary: Lucifer has been in Hell long enough to get bored. When Amenadiel comes to him with an odd request, his first instinct is to refuse out of principle, but the lure of something new and the desire to annoy Amenadiel win out. This leads to a series of adventures throughout history and ends with his final task: protect Chloe Decker.
Rating: Teen +
Words: 9498

3. Morningstar x Reader: A Devil’s Wrath

Summary: Lucifer meets the reader and is fascinated by how kind she is. They spend some time together at Lux when the evening takes an ugly turn and some guy starts bothering the reader.
Rating: Not Rated
Words: 2418

4. The Lucifer Files

Summary: Lucifer only watched six of his paramours’ interviews before coming to the conclusion that, for them, having sex with him was on par with visiting the pyramids in Egypt or going skydiving. If he had stuck around for the others, he might have had cause to revise that opinion.
Rating: Mature
Words: 2544

5. Lucifer, Resurgence

Summary: “There’s no crazy like sexually repressed crazy, Chloe. Throw in a little demonic instability and a kink for angelic satisfaction and we’ve got ourselves one hell of a show.” Whisky, Versace and a missing Archangel.
Rating: Mature
Words: 1296

6. The Temptation of Lucifer

Summary: Chloe makes a deal I’ll tell you mine, so long as you tell me yours. Except the story is about how they lost their virginity, leaving him a bit less than forthcoming – which Chloe isn’t having. They made a deal, after all.
Rating: Teen +
Words: 6254

7. LUCIFER – Of Brothers and Sister

Summary: As Lucifer explores his newly found ‘mortality,’ he receives the most unexpected gift: his little sister stumbles into his life, with the sole purpose of helping him find his way.
Rating: General
Words: 11724

8. The Mark of Lucifer

Summary: “So, we’ve established that the chainsaw is no good. And we can also cross off silver bullets, severing limbs with a poisoned blade, being burnt alive and consuming holy water. Anything I’ve missed?”
Rating: Teen +
Words: 883

9. Lucifer and Trixie’s Fun Day Out

Summary: When Chloe’s sick and all babysitting options fall through, he reluctantly steps up to provide Trixie’s fun day out (if only to beat the Maze Trick-or-Treat experience).
Rating: General
Words: 7157

10. Drabbles

Summary: A collection of drabbles, that only contain one spoken line from one of our beloved characters. All Deckerstar related in one way or another. None of these are connected one-shots.
Rating: General
Words: 3526

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You wrote a fic and would like it to appear on Fanfic Friday? Or maybe you want to suggest a fic you loved? If so, let us know by leaving a comment down below, tweeting us, sending us an ask on Tumblr or emailing us!

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  1. My goodness. I am left a bit in awe and so very humbled. Thank you for the recommendation.

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