Welcome to Fanfic Friday, everyone; as you may know, a lot of Jerome Gotham fanfiction is explicit or smut. While creating this fan rec for you we ran into a lot of them — however, all of these fics will be smut-less. They will all be ‘teen +’ and usually, for the most part, have little to no sexual innuendos.

We want these fic recs to get you excited about Jerome’s run on Gotham coming back soon. So, without further ado, let’s jump into Jerome Gotham fic recs for the fandom!

If you ever see a fic that is not properly represented, please send us a contact form and let us know. We had an issue with a Star Trek Fanfic Friday and we want to fix it as soon as we can!

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1. Magic and Sin

By: chattycat815
Summary: Oswald Cobblepot knows that the bullied, tormented, and outcast Slytherin is more than just riddles and facts. Taking it upon himself to reveal the true Slytherin within the friendless nerd, he finds it hard to keep his romantic interests to himself. High school drama is especially difficult with magic and reputations involved.
Rating: Teen +
Words: 77043

2. Day One: Fake Dating/Marriage

Summary: Two Nygmobblepot stories from my sister and I where Ed lies about his relationship status to sneak into two different places to see Oswald, at two different moments in time. 
Rating: Teen +, M/M
Words: 5810

3. The Bells of War

By: NygmobblepotTrash
Summary: Gordon and Bullock find themselves in one of their toughest cases yet as a new mysterious villain arrives, causing a war to start. The villains all come together to take down the GCPD, but the war has other plans for them. Selina is at a crossroads between what side she’s on. Bruce embraces his identity as Batman but ends up having to deal with the war. 
Rating: Teen +, Violence/Death
Words: 1476

4. The Shadows Under Arkham

Summary: Selina Kyle breaks into Indian Hill to get evidence to arrest Strange but gets herself into trouble when she’s held hostage and needs to escape with the help of an unlikely ally, and a person from her past who she thought had disappeared forever.
Slight divergence from what actually happens near the end of Season 2, but is still pretty similar.
Rating: Teen +
Words: 3855

5. The Enemy of My Enemy

Summary: After escaping from Arkham, Oswald Cobblepot teams up with a desperate Lee Thompkins to take down the Falcone gang and reclaim his city, inadvertently aligning himself with an old ally he thought long forgotten.
Rating: Teen +, M/M
Words: 13842

6. Bitter and Sweet – Gobblepot Week

Summary: A collection of snippets for Gobblepot Week 2018 – Valentine’s Day Theme
Rating: Teen +, M/M
Words: 3650

7. A Joker in the hand

Summary: Jerome Valeska is dead and buried. At least that’s what all of Gotham thinks.
With a new name and a new–much duller–life, Jack Napier is looking for a distraction. And what better distraction than his old acquaintance and favorite volunteer–billionaire Bruce Wayne? Let the game begin.
Rating: Teen +, M/M
Words: 44204

8. Hiding Place for Weary Men

Summary: Victor visits Oswald at Arkham.
Rating: Teen +, M/M
Words: 1473

9. Overdosing on Love

Summary: Adapted from an Enjoltaire prompt on Tumblr:
In a universe where Isabella was a spy whom Edward caught, and Oswald remained Gotham’s mayor, a swanky gala hosted for Mayor Cobblepot’s supporters is interrupted by Jerome Valeska. Jerome has trapped the wealthy and upstanding citizens inside the ballroom and broadcasts the ‘entertainment’ as he releases a gas to make everyone in the room develop an infatuation with Oswald. Only one man seems unaffected: the Mayor’s Chief of Staff, Edward Nygma.
Rating: Teen +, M/M
Words: 4742

10. Rose Colored Boy

Summary: Jerome Valeska is a deranged maniac, but what happens when you end up a part of his world and he expects you to keep up with him. Will he help you grow? Or will things crumble into a deeper chaos?
Rating: Teen +, F/M & F/F
Words: 5610

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